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Jake Brown

What Characters We Can Expect To See In Gears Of War: E-Day

The Gears Of War hype is real! Are you curious to know who may make an appearance in Xboxs upcoming Gears Of War :E-Day? We got some predictions on those you might run into during the game.
by Jake Brown | June 21, 2024 | , ,

Gears Is Back Baby With Gears Of War E-Day

The wait is finally over, Marcus and Dom are back together in full force in The Coalition's new game trailer, Gears Of War E-Day. And yes we cried too.
by Jake Brown | June 10, 2024 | , ,

Gollum Review: Did It Deserve the Hate Or Is It Worth Playing?

With so many great video games we were treated to last year, we take a look back at The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum, one of the most criticized games of last year, and see if it deserved the hate or if it actually deserves a fair chance.
by Jake Brown | March 6, 2024 | , , , , ,

Fortnite’s Booty Battle Royale: Fans Demand Respect for Solid Snake’s Backside!

Metal Gear Solid's own Solid Snake is landing in Fortnite this season but Epic Games forgot to make him dummy thicc, this needs to be fixed ASAP.
by Jake Brown | December 12, 2023 | , ,

Assassin’s Creed Mirage Review: A Homecoming for Die-Hard Fans or a Missed Opportunity?

"Nothing is true, everything is permitted". Assassin's Creed Mirage is finally upon us. Check out our review to see how it holds up.
by Jake Brown | October 20, 2023 | , , , , ,

5 Spider-Man Games To Play While Waiting For Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Who else is excited for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 game releasing later this year? Author Jake Brown has thrown together some of his favorite Spidey games to make the wait a tad bit easier.
by Jake Brown | June 14, 2023 | , , , , ,

IS Xbox Teasing The Return of Fable? All Signs Point to YES

Xbox recently released a short clip teasing the return of a popular gaming franchise, Fable. Is it real, or are we getting played? Join Jake Brown as he discusses the possibility of an announcement at the Xbox Showcase.
by Jake Brown | June 2, 2023 | ,

Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake Finally Sheds Its Skin

Metal Gear…it can’t be! At the recent PlayStation showcase, Konomi announced the long anticipated Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake. Join Jake Brown (Solid Jake) as he runs down the details of what’s to come.
by Jake Brown | May 27, 2023 | , , ,

Gear Up Soldier! Gears of War Is Chainsawing Its Way Onto Netflix

INCOMING! With Gears Of War's Netflix deal recently announced, devoted fan Jake Brown shares his thoughts and controversial casting choices for the upcoming film and animated series.

Saints Row Review – Woop-Woop! That’s The Sound Of Da Police

Bust out those purple suits and get ready to hit the streets because #SaintsRow is back baby! Jake Brown shares his thoughts and opinions on Volitions (@DSVolition) reboot of the popular franchise.
by Jake Brown | September 30, 2022 | , , , , ,

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MaXXXine is the Perfect Finale to Ti West’s Horror Trilogy

MaXXXine, the final film in Ti West’s horror film series featuring Mia Goth, is a terrific ending to an almost perfect trilogy. Join us as we tell you why this should be on your watchlist.
by Iain McParlandJuly 15, 2024
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