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PAX Aus 2023 is Shaping up to be the Best Yet, With More Exhibitors Announced!

Another wave of exhibitors has been announced, and we’re excited. Join Thomas and Rohan as they break down and highlight their favorite new additions to PAX Aus 2023.

Ukiyo Studios Brings the Best of Southeast Asia to PAX Aus 2023

Ukiyo Studios is bringing some of the best indie games Southeast Asia has to offer to PAX Aus 2023. Join Thomas Richards as he lets you know about some of his favorites from this incredible list.
by Thomas Richards | September 21, 2023 | , , , , ,

Revisiting Cyberpunk 2077: The Game That Defied Expectations – Is It CD Projekt Red’s Best Yet?

With the Phantom Liberty expansion releasing soon, now is the perfect time to revisit Cyberpunk 2077. Join Thomas Richards as he lets you know why you should give this game another look.
by Thomas Richards | September 15, 2023 | , , ,

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun Review – Guns! Gore! Grimdark!

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun sees a lone Space Marine undertake a quest to stamp out the heretical chaos sorcerer threatening Graia… but is this game favored by the Emperor?
by Tyler Graham | September 14, 2023 | , , , , ,

Exoprimal’s Best Exosuit? The Anime Girl

Exoprimal features 20 unique exosuits for players to pilot. None of them are able to outdo Nimbus, the resident anime girl.
by Tyler Graham | September 12, 2023 | , , ,

The Expanse by Telltale Reignites the Legacy- Is It Worth It?

Telltale is BACK with The Expanse: A Telltale Series. Iain has played the first two chapters and here’s his impressions of the comeback we’ve all been waiting for!
by Iain McParland | September 10, 2023 | , , , ,

Delays, Delays, and Canceled Games. Is There Something Wrong in the Video Game Industry?

Video Games have been getting delayed more than ever before. Is there a problem in the industry? Join us as we dive into that question and talk about some high-profile games that have been………….. Delayed. See what I did there ;)
by Nick McKay | September 8, 2023 | , , , ,

Revisting Sonic Heroes: A Glitchy Masterclass of Fun

3D Sonic games have been a bit hit or miss in recent years, so why not take a trip back in time and play one of the greats. Join Thomas Richards as he revisits Sonic Heroes and tells you why you need to play this game now!
by Thomas Richards | August 31, 2023 | , , , , ,

Armored Core 6 for Newbs – First Boss Guide

Ready to rage quit Armored Core 6 before finishing the first level? Well we got you covered with our tips for toppling that flying titan in From Software's new mech action game
by Dan Morris | August 28, 2023 | , , , ,

Looking Back at Telltale’s Jurassic Park: Survival Horror Meets Isla Nublar

Let’s take a look at Telltale Games’ forgotten gem: Jurassic Park: The Game. Lily K thinks there’s no better time than now since Telltale is finally back with a new game and Jurassic Park is celebrating its 30th anniversary!
by Art of Lily K | August 25, 2023 | , , ,
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem Review – Shell Smashing Fun

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back again, sporting a new Spider-Verse-inspired look. Join Thomas Richards as he reviews this latest Ninja Turtle reboot.
by Thomas RichardsSeptember 24, 2023
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