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IS Xbox Teasing The Return of Fable? All Signs Point to YES

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Jake Brown
| June 2, 2023
hello world!

In the upcoming Xbox showcase on June 11 at 10 am PT, Microsoft plans to announce new and upcoming games along with some surprises. In light of this, fans would like to know what they can expect from the conference and what they can check off their gaming wishlist. Earlier this week, the official Xbox Twitter account posted a brief 21-second video that has caused speculation about an update for a popular Xbox title.

This short clip begins with an Xbox controller lying on a living room table covered in glitter, leaving a trail across the home as music plays, giving off a fantasy renaissance aesthetic. Following the glitter trail up the stairs, the camera moves up to a desk where a monitor shows the advertisement for the Xbox games showcase and a caption that reads “seems important.”

There is a possibility that this is just a way to hype the upcoming showcase, but I like to speculate since it’s fun to dig into things like this. There are a lot of signs that point to some form of announcement about the long-awaited game, Fable. Glitter trails, or fairy dust, as you may call them, are a direct reference to the series and are used to guide you to your next objective. In the clip, the music sounds like it was pulled straight out of Fable, giving me heavy Bowerstone and Oakvale vibes. 

From its debut on the original Xbox in 2004, Fable has been one of the most beloved franchises on the platform. In the years since, the series has had two sequels, a Kinect game that shouldn’t be talked about and a canceled cooperative action roleplaying game. Players embark on a quest in Albion, which presents a beautiful fantasy world filled with decisions that continue to shape the story and world even after the game has ended. It was announced over two years ago that Playground Games was working on a “new beginning for the legendary franchise,” along with a short reveal trailer. Hence, it’s likely possible that this teaser by Xbox may be the next Fable installment or something similar. The Fable trilogy could also be remastered, as there has been talk of it. Even though I have enjoyed the older games in the Fable series, I am eager for something that is fresh and new. The last mainline game in the series was Fable 3, which was released on the Xbox 360 in 2010. Therefore, I think it’s about time we return to Albion and see what the current-generation consoles are capable of.

What lies ahead for Albion in the next installment of Fable?

Do you expect any news regarding Fable during the Xbox showcase, or is Microsoft pulling our leg? Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts, and let’s see what happens on June 11.

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