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A State of Play All About Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? Sign Me Up!!!

Another State of Play is here, and this one is all about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Join Thomas Richards as he gives you the rundown of all the exciting updates.
by Thomas Richards | February 19, 2024 | , ,

Preparing for the Worst: Bad Batch Season 3 Preview

Star Wars fans are excited about the recent release of the trailer for the final season of The Bad Batch. With the trailer release, we need to discuss things affecting the upcoming season. Let's dig in with it.

10 TV Shows You Should Be Excited About in 2024

You didn’t think I would leave you all without a list of TV Shows for 2024, right? RIGHT? Of course not! I’m back with the Top 10 list for your entertainment. Let’s see all the releases and which one should get you all giddy and excited.

In Defense of George R. R. Martin and The Winds of Winter

Liza takes a moment to defend George R. R. Martin and The Winds of Winter from Internet naysayers.

Couch Soup Previews: Go-Go Town! – Kidnapped Mayors, Alien Encounters, and Wholesome Chaos

Looking for a new wholesome game where you build a town and high-five a cow? Well, Go-Go Town! has you covered. Join Thomas Richards as he gives his first impressions on the upcoming indie game.

In preparation for Sweet Home Season 2

With Sweet Home Season 2 right around the corner, it is time to look back at Season 1. The hit Netflix K-Drama based on the also incredibly popular webtoon is a story that’s highly recommended to all. I will tell you why.
by Art of Lily K | November 28, 2023 | ,

My Hero Ultra Rumble: Finally, A Battle Royale I Can’t Wait To Drop Into!

The open beta for My Hero Ultra Rumble just closed, and Stef shares why it may be the first battle royale she really can get into as a player.

Gear Up Soldier! Gears of War Is Chainsawing Its Way Onto Netflix

INCOMING! With Gears Of War's Netflix deal recently announced, devoted fan Jake Brown shares his thoughts and controversial casting choices for the upcoming film and animated series.

Rise of the Beasts: A New Era of Transformers

A new era of Cybertron is upon us! Liza breaks down what you can expect from the new Transformers movie, and how it differs from Michael Bay's franchise.
by Lizabeth Phoenix | December 19, 2022 | , ,

Monthly Gaming Update: October 2022

Your monthly dose of gaming goodness and all the games to wish you had time to play.
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Chants of Sennaar: A Lavishing Linguistic Puzzle Game

Why is nobody talking about Chants of Sennaar? Are they speaking a different language? We dive into the indie puzzle title released in September, which requires learning languages to progress through the game. C’est magnifique!
by Iain McParlandFebruary 26, 2024
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