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Platinum Trophies That Took Years Off Our Lives

Every PSN trophy hunter loves a platinum trophy, but sometimes it just isn’t worth it. Join Thomas and Iain as they recount the platinum trophies that took years off their lives.

These will be the Pokemon Legends: Z-A Starters

Ben is calling it on the Pokémon Legends: Z-A starters, he's so confident that he's put up exactly who and why the starters will be. Do you agree?
by Ben Hazell | June 30, 2024 | , ,

From 8-Bit to HD: Does the New CONTRA Capture the Magic of the Original

Guess who’s back? Back again? Contra’s back. Tell all your friends with lower back pain. Trust me, if they played the first one, they worry about that. We dive into the rebooted CONTRA: Operation Galuga, and we wonder if it's still the same old Contra, or did we lose something along the way? Let's talk about it …

Blumhouse Games and Outersloth Steal the Show at Summer Game Fest

Iain’s highlight of Summer Game Fest was the announcements of two new indie game publishers, Blumhouse Games and Outersloth. We break down the games announced at SGF coming from the new players in the market.
by Iain McParland | June 24, 2024 | , , , ,

Tunic: The Perfect Blend of Zelda Nostalgia and Souls-like Challenge

I FINALLY played Tunic. Join Jordan as he goes into detail about why he can’t believe he missed out on this gem for so long!

Breaking Down All The New Info For Monster Hunter Wilds

Monster Hunter Wilds has dropped two gameplay trailers, and they’re both jam-packed with info. Join Thomas Richards as he breaks down all the important details from the Monster Hunter Wilds trailers.

My Experience in the Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha Test

The Marvel Rivals Closed alpha has been and gone, Ben gives his thoughts on the experience!
by Ben Hazell | June 8, 2024 | , , , , ,

What Keeps Us Hooked on Games? Dive Into the Minds of Gamers and Their Unshakable Game Obsessions!

What is it about a game that makes us continue to come back to it? Is it because it’s story driven or just mindless fun? Dive in to see what four of our contributors think.

Unapologetic & Untypical: Top 5 Star Wars Games You Need To Play

These are my top five Star Wars video games that you need to play. These are games that will make you fall in love with Star Wars even more!

Let’s! Revolution!: The Roguelite Minesweeper-like King Slaying Game

Ever wondered how a game can be a Minesweeper-like AND a Roguelite? Well, wonder no further! The stunningly animated, Let’s! Revolution! is finally on consoles. The King better be quaking in his boots because we’re coming for that throne!
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MaXXXine is the Perfect Finale to Ti West’s Horror Trilogy

MaXXXine, the final film in Ti West’s horror film series featuring Mia Goth, is a terrific ending to an almost perfect trilogy. Join us as we tell you why this should be on your watchlist.
by Iain McParlandJuly 15, 2024
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