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The Profound Influence of Scooby Doo on Who We Are Today

Scooby Doo has been a major figure in popular culture since the 1960s, but does it get enough credit? This author’s whole life has been influenced by the habitually spooked Great Dane.

A Fan Reaction to the End of the Rooster Teeth Era

Stef reflects on Rooster Teeth closing its doors and the fandom, content, and community that meant so much to her.
by Stef Watson | March 9, 2024 | , ,

Why Boomers and Gen Z’ers Have it Easy

Do you remember a time before the interwebs? You're old! Do you only know a time with the interwebs? You're too young!! Do you know both? Then you are right where you need to be. Take this journey with the rest of us in-betweeners so you know how much harder we have it than you!
by Michelle Holstine | January 7, 2024 | ,

Fortnite’s Booty Battle Royale: Fans Demand Respect for Solid Snake’s Backside!

Metal Gear Solid's own Solid Snake is landing in Fortnite this season but Epic Games forgot to make him dummy thicc, this needs to be fixed ASAP.
by Jake Brown | December 12, 2023 | , ,

A Film Guide to Understanding Your GenX Coworkers

Do you have a GenX coworker that you just can’t figure out? Charlotte gives us a list of films that might explain some traits or behaviors of your GenX coworker(s).
by Charlotte Merritt | August 19, 2023 | ,

It’s In God’s Hands Now: A Chat With KC Green

The creative mastermind behind "this is fine", KC Green is currently creating an ongoing gag comic series titled God's Hands. Thomas Richards sits down with KC Green to discuss his background and all things God's Hands.

A Nintendo Amiibo Hunting Guide for 2023

Got some old Amiibos wasting space? If you have any of these, you could be missing out on a sweet payday. Ben goes in-depth on the current state of the Nintendo Amiibo Market and what is rare and expensive in the current year.
by Ben Hazell | May 25, 2023 | , ,

Happy Birthday to the Bard

Think 400+ year old literature can’t be relevant? Charlotte looks at how Shakespeare's works are still influencing us today.
by Charlotte Merritt | April 28, 2023 | ,

Why Book Adaptations Seemingly Fail

Here’s a short, to-the-point article about why book adaptations fail. Here’s a hint: it doesn’t have anything to do with money.

Are Video Games Too Hard Now? Luckily, Accessibility is Making Things Easier for Some

Stuck on that boss fight for hours? Games can be so damn hard, but developers are working hard to make games accessible for everyone!
by Nick McKay | February 3, 2023 | ,
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Let’s All Be Cozy Little Hobbits: Tales of the Shire- Announcement Trailer

An announcement trailer for Tales of the Shire was recently released. This game is set to release on PC and all consoles at the end of 2024. You get to live out your cozy fantasy of living in the comfort of a hobbit hole and making it your own.
by Brandy BrownApril 22, 2024
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