10 Questions With Michael Witwer: Featuring Dragons, Mysteries, and a Side of Heroes’ Feast

New York Times Best Selling author Michael Witwer sits down to talk about life, writing, and we even threw a little Dungeons and Dragons his way. We had the questions, he has the answers.
by Tim BeisiegelJanuary 3, 2024

In Defense of George R. R. Martin and The Winds of Winter

Liza takes a moment to defend George R. R. Martin and The Winds of Winter from Internet naysayers.
by Lizabeth PhoenixDecember 31, 2023

Comics to Check Out When You’re Sick of Marvel & DC

Comic fatigue setting in from the latest round of Disney+ shows? Join Rohan as he dusts off his comics nerd hat and discusses some of the comics he's been using to beat comic fatigue.
by Rohan ElliottDecember 1, 2023

GlobalComix Exclusive: Unleash Your Inner Monster with Monster Forge’s Halloween Spectacle – gHosts #1!

The team at Monster Forge have cooked up something special this Halloween season and Maria is here to take a look at Ghosts! And sit down with a writer on the project and friend of Couch Soup, Shannon Eric Denton
by Maria KinnunOctober 28, 2023

AWA Unveils “Red Light” A Sensual Sci-fi Saga By Rising Star Sarah Cho

New Erotic Thriller Graphic Novel "Red Light" from Sarah Cho of Amazon’s Them coming in November
by Dan MorrisAugust 16, 2023

Fury’s Final Flop: Marvel’s Secret Invasion Leaves Fans Furious and Frustrated!

Secret Invasion is over for now, and Ben has some choice words about a disturbing trend of Marvel wasting footnotes of its own history.
by Ben HazellAugust 13, 2023

It’s In God’s Hands Now: A Chat With KC Green

The creative mastermind behind "this is fine", KC Green is currently creating an ongoing gag comic series titled God's Hands. Thomas Richards sits down with KC Green to discuss his background and all things God's Hands.
by Thomas RichardsJune 22, 2023

Get Ready for a Thrilling Re-Imagining of The Great Gatsby by Jeremy Holt

PJ Haarsma interviews Jeremy Holt, author and creator of graphic novels and comic books who has reimagined and modernized The Great Gatsby in their upcoming graphic novel, GATSBY
by PJMay 26, 2023

Spider-Man 2: We Have a Gameplay Trailer! And So, So Much To Talk About

Spider-Man 2 gameplay is here and it is epic! So many new details to chat about, so let’s get right to it!
by Nick McKayMay 25, 2023

Which Inanimate Object in Cinema History has the Worst Criminal Record

Join Rohan as he flicks through Cinematic history to decide which inanimate object has the worst criminal record because there's nothing more fun to him than figuring out crimes for fictional characters, and he wasn't smart enough to become a lawyer.
by Rohan ElliottMay 20, 2023
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Beyond Absurd: Unveiling the Hilarious Chaos of Chicken Nugget

We watched Chicken Nugget, the weird new Netflix Korean comedy series based on the webtoon of the same name. Step into the world where a girl can be transformed into a chicken nugget, and we’ll tell you why it’s actually worth your time!
by Iain McParlandApril 24, 2024

The Fail of a Sequel: Rebel Moon Part 2’s Mixed Reception

Netflix and Zack Snyder have released Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver. Should you spend your next available two hours watching it? Or do the Rotten Tomatoes reviews and audience scores make sense? Let's talk about it.
by Tim BeisiegelApril 23, 2024

Let’s All Be Cozy Little Hobbits: Tales of the Shire- Announcement Trailer

An announcement trailer for Tales of the Shire was recently released. This game is set to release on PC and all consoles at the end of 2024. You get to live out your cozy fantasy of living in the comfort of a hobbit hole and making it your own.
by Brandy BrownApril 22, 2024

QRD Stellar T5 Review – Is Using This Switch Controller a Joy or Con?

A review for the QRD Stellar T5 on Nintendo Switch. Is this a good Joycon alternative? Check out this review to find out!
by Jordan JurkowskiApril 22, 2024

Fallout Review From Someone Who Never Played The Games

The Fallout series dropped its entire season on Amazon Prime last week and I watched all of it in nearly one sitting. I knew about the existence of the games, I didn’t know anything else. So I went into this completely blind. And oh, it was worth it!
by Art of Lily KApril 20, 2024

The Transformers One Trailer Explained

Liza gives you an efficient briefing on what to expect from Transformers One so you can roll into theaters with your lore locked in. Learn how Orion Pax and D-16 become Optimus Prime and Megatron, which Transformers continuity this movie belongs in, and what to expect from Cybertron on September 20, 2024. Seat belts on, people–you'll need wheels.
by Lizabeth PhoenixApril 19, 2024

Unleash Your Inner Halfling: Dive Into 28 Unique Endings with Halfling Dale App!

Shana travels to a mysterious and magical world known as Dale, a choose-your-own adventure story. In this review of Wysiwyg Wizards Halfling Dale App
by Shana MartinApril 19, 2024

progress counter test

by Brian RimerApril 19, 2024

Halo Season 2: Is It An Improvement?

Halo Season 2 has come to a close, so the question is, was it an improvement? Join Thomas Richards as he tells you if it is an improvement over Season 1.
by Thomas RichardsApril 18, 2024

Tips to Design the Ideal Gaming Room

If you spend hours gaming, it makes sense to want that time to be comfortable, immersive, and designed to really get the most out of your hobby. So, here are some tips to design a perfect gaming room or area.
by Drew LewisApril 17, 2024
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