Gears Is Back Baby With Gears Of War E-Day

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Jake Brown
| June 10, 2024
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With the Xbox showcase officially over, Xbox has more than delivered an impressive lineup of games we can expect to play soon and on game pass day one. Leading up to the event, Gears Of War fans like myself were dying for a Gears announcement with many wanting the continuation of the series in Gears 6, while others also would like to see a Gears collection similar to Halo’s Master Chief Collection. Unfortunately, neither was announced; however, a trailer for their next game was revealed, Gears Of War E-Day.

The trailer takes Gears fans back in time only six weeks after The Coalition Of Ordered Governments defeated the Union Of Independent Republics to end a 79-year war. It starts with a younger Marcus Fenix being forcefully thrown through a wall and assaulted by a Locust drone. Marcus is fighting for his life and doing everything he can to survive, at one point even throwing a television at his attacker. After being tossed around with ease and thrown against the ceiling, Marcus is able to position his Retro Lancer in front of him as the Locust charges him, getting impaled by the bayonet, followed by a few rounds that take off the creature’s head. Not even a few seconds later, the floor shakes and opens up into a large emergence hole. Marcus almost falls in, hanging onto a pipe, and is helped back up by none other than his best friend, Dominic Santiago. The camera pans out as Marcus and Dom stare upon a destroyed city; THIS IS EMERGENCE DAY.

The heart and soul of Gears Of War, Dominic Santiago, returns in E-Day

As stated, this is Emergence Day, so it’s a safe bet to assume that the game is set 14 years before the events of Gears Of War 1. The Locust launched an attack on humanity, killing nearly 25 percent of the population during its initial onslaught. The trailer portrays the Locust as more than just something you shoot at and returns to making them terrifying, horrific monsters, like the boogeyman hiding under your bed. The theme seems darker, returning to its gritty and horror vibes. E-Day is a completely brutal event where I’m sure we will witness plenty of death and horrific moments. Maybe we will even see cameos from the likes of Cole and Baird, or even a Carmine?

Even though the game is a prequel, it has so much potential in terms of its storytelling that we have heard in other games and novels but have not yet seen. The story is much more than giant dudes shooting lizards; it’s painful, emotional, and tragic. Carlos Santiago, Dom’s older brother and Marcus’s closest friend from childhood, is killed near the end of the Pendulum Wars. He sacrificed himself after getting injured to save Marcus from attempting a suicide mission to rescue him. We will possibly see how Marcus and Dom cope with recently losing Carlos and how they bond over his death. Dom also loses both his children to an E-hole during Emergence Day, so we may witness a more vulnerable and unhinged side of Dom, seeing how he handles it like in the opening of Gears 2.

More interesting things that could be shown would be the creation of the chainsaw bayonet Lancer, which was created to better penetrate the Locust’s thick hides. We may also see Marcus and Dom’s friendship strengthen and develop into how we see them 14 years later in Gears 1. The game has so much story to tell to keep the franchise alive for years to come, and I am here for it all.

The Locust are back and more terrifying than ever.

After five years of waiting to see what’s next from The Coalition Studio, I am absolutely thrilled to return to planet Sera and strap in for another emotional roller-coaster that is Gears Of War. The franchise has always had heart and knows exactly how to tug on those heartstrings. With the rendition of Mad World playing throughout the trailer, I was brought to literal tears and thankful for all the good times I’ve had with the series and for the new memories I’ll make with Gears Of War E-Day.

What are your thoughts on the trailer for Gears Of War E-Day? Let us know down in the comments. Note – To leave a comment just sign up on our FREE tier or support this channel and choose one of our higher tiers.

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