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The Best Trailers in 2021 | TRAILER TALK LIVE

In our final episode of the year, the Trailer Talk team will pick their top trailers of the year as well as some predictions for what the most anticipated trailers will be in 2022.
HOST: Drew Lewis, PJ Haarmsa, Pagan McGrath, & Stephanie Judge
PRODUCER: Drew Lewis & PJ Haarsma
STUDIO: Redbear Films
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Our Favorite Games of 2021 | TRP #112

Pagan and Dan are joined by Erika and Rohan to discuss our favorite games from this past year and games we are looking forward to in 2022.
HOST: Dan Morris + Pagan McGuire
FEATURING: Rohan, Aundawyn
PRODUCER: Dan Morris + Pagan McGuire
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© 2021 CouchSoup, LLC. All Rights Reserved