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The Holy Filoni Strikes Again: How The Bad Batch is Rewriting Star Wars History

Season 3 of The Bad Batch is finally here. What questions will this season answer? Are we in for more Dave Filoni animation heartbreak? Will any of the Bad Batch survive this season? What's Hemlock up to? Let's talk about it … but be aware spoilers lay ahead!
by Tim Beisiegel | February 26, 2024 | ,

Mandalorian Mania: Grogu Takes Center Stage in Epic Big Screen Debut

2024 has begun with a sizzling start with the announcement of The Mandalorian and Grogu film and Ahsoka season 2. Here are what these projects mean for Star Wars fans.

Preparing for the Worst: Bad Batch Season 3 Preview

Star Wars fans are excited about the recent release of the trailer for the final season of The Bad Batch. With the trailer release, we need to discuss things affecting the upcoming season. Let's dig in with it.

Three Animated Star Wars Characters We Need in Live-Action

One of the great things about the live-action shows in the Star Wars universe is the addition of characters we got to know through animated stories. Let's examine three more that could make an impact and why we need to see them.

10 TV Shows You Should Be Excited About in 2024

You didn’t think I would leave you all without a list of TV Shows for 2024, right? RIGHT? Of course not! I’m back with the Top 10 list for your entertainment. Let’s see all the releases and which one should get you all giddy and excited.

Mando to the Movies: The Holy Filoni’s Galactic Vision Unveiled

The recent announcement of the Mandalorian and Grogu movie has caused some discussion in the Star Wars community. What does it all mean? What can we look forward to? Let’s dive into it all
by Tim Beisiegel | January 12, 2024 | , ,

A Disturbance in the Force – Reviewing the Star Wars Holiday Special Documentary

The recently released documentary, “A Disturbance in the Force,” dives into the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, talking to the people who made it and who watched it. Having watched a screener, here is a review of the documentary and why you should watch it.
by Tim Beisiegel | December 21, 2023 | ,

Why Star Wars Needs to Move Away from the Skywalkers

Is Anakin Skywalker required for the future of Star Wars storytelling? Let's talk about the reasons why we should be moving away from the Skywalkers.
by Tim Beisiegel | November 21, 2023 | , ,

Ahsoka Episode 8 – A Bridger Too Far

Ahsoka’s season finale is here: The Jedi, the Witch, and the Warlord. It’s an emotional, action-packed, thriller (and sometimes horror) that you won’t want to miss. But if you did, here is Iain’s recap of the episode!

Ahsoka Episode 7 – I Call Shin-anigans

Thrawn shows off his tactical prowess in the latest episode of Ahsoka. Iain is back with his latest recap of the penultimate episode of the show: Dreams and Madness
by Iain McParland | September 29, 2023 | ,
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Chants of Sennaar: A Lavishing Linguistic Puzzle Game

Why is nobody talking about Chants of Sennaar? Are they speaking a different language? We dive into the indie puzzle title released in September, which requires learning languages to progress through the game. C’est magnifique!
by Iain McParlandFebruary 26, 2024
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