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Streaming, The Australian Media Landscape & Games at PAX Aus 2023- Couch Soup Interviews Back Pocket

Rohan managed to wrangle Steph and Pete from Back Pocket for an interview talking all things streaming, the Aussie media landscape, and some fund games at PAX Aus 2023.

10 Questions with Salli Saffioti

Voice actor Salli Saffioti stops by the couch to talk about her work on and off camera, what she's doing now, and what projects are coming up. If you’re a Monster High or Destiny 2 fan, you’ll want to check out her time on the couch and her response to our 10 Questions!
by Tim Beisiegel | March 2, 2024 | ,

10 Questions With John Billingsley: From Mozart to Phlox, and Everything in Between

John Billingsley, the man who played Dr. Phlox in Star Trek: Enterprise. He takes a seat on our couch to answer 10 questions and a couple of bonus rounds. Find out some things about John you may not have known before.
by Tim Beisiegel | February 1, 2024 | ,

Unfortunate Astronauts, Not So Noble Knights and Plenty of Dark Humor – Our Exclusive Interview With the Super Talented People at MAKE Originals

If you like Love, Death & Robots then we have something that will scratch that itch. MAKE Originals is a terrific animation studio with some dark but hilarious animated micro-shorts that are sure to make you giggle just as much and they shock you. We got to sit down with the team from MAKE and learn more about this talented group of animators and what to expect from them in the future.
by Nick McKay | January 16, 2024 | ,

10 Questions With Michael Witwer: Featuring Dragons, Mysteries, and a Side of Heroes’ Feast

New York Times Best Selling author Michael Witwer sits down to talk about life, writing, and we even threw a little Dungeons and Dragons his way. We had the questions, he has the answers.

Behind the Mic: Yuri Lowenthal Breaks Down the Little Things that Make Spider-Man 2 a Tearjerker, Including Grandpa Earl and Howard’s Mission

Perhaps the greatest, friendliest and the best Spider-Man, Yuri Lowenthal talked to Couch Soup about all things Spider-Man 2 and what he would like to see in future Spider-man games.
by Art of Lily K | November 11, 2023 | , ,

It’s In God’s Hands Now: A Chat With KC Green

The creative mastermind behind "this is fine", KC Green is currently creating an ongoing gag comic series titled God's Hands. Thomas Richards sits down with KC Green to discuss his background and all things God's Hands.

Get Ready for a Thrilling Re-Imagining of The Great Gatsby by Jeremy Holt

PJ Haarsma interviews Jeremy Holt, author and creator of graphic novels and comic books who has reimagined and modernized The Great Gatsby in their upcoming graphic novel, GATSBY
by PJ | May 26, 2023 | ,

The RIGHT Way to Get Started on Twitch ft. Pagan Plays

Liza interviews Couch Soup's own Pagan Plays on how to get started on Twitch the right way!
by Lizabeth Phoenix | February 27, 2023 | , ,

Couch Soup Takes FanX (Contributor Panel)

Couch Soup took on Fanx! Take a dive into the experience that was Couch Soups' first-ever panel at a Con with Nolan North! Join us in the story of how it all came together and each panelist's experience both on and off the panel table.
by Erika Aundawyn | December 22, 2022 | ,
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Beyond Absurd: Unveiling the Hilarious Chaos of Chicken Nugget

We watched Chicken Nugget, the weird new Netflix Korean comedy series based on the webtoon of the same name. Step into the world where a girl can be transformed into a chicken nugget, and we’ll tell you why it’s actually worth your time!
by Iain McParlandApril 24, 2024
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