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Brandy Brown

Spaceballs 2 has been Announced… Yay?

After all the pleading, begging, and human sacrifices, Spaceballs 2 has been announced… but is it time for celebration or despair? Rohan and Brandy take us through their reactions to this long-awaited sequel announcement.
by Rohan Elliott | June 28, 2024 | ,

From Fear to Fascination: My Journey With Steelrising’s Mechanical Marvels

Steelrising was a game released by Spiders in 2022. Join Brandy as she takes a quick look at why you might like to go back and try this fun little game that takes place in a seriously dark alternate history.
by Brandy Brown | June 15, 2024 | , , , ,

What Keeps Us Hooked on Games? Dive Into the Minds of Gamers and Their Unshakable Game Obsessions!

What is it about a game that makes us continue to come back to it? Is it because it’s story driven or just mindless fun? Dive in to see what four of our contributors think.

Where the Hell are the Star Wars Farming Sims?

With the popularity of farming-life sims, it seems that there is one missing. Star Wars! Who wouldn’t want to live in the massive Star Wars Universe and make it your own?

Let’s All Be Cozy Little Hobbits: Tales of the Shire- Announcement Trailer

An announcement trailer for Tales of the Shire was recently released. This game is set to release on PC and all consoles at the end of 2024. You get to live out your cozy fantasy of living in the comfort of a hobbit hole and making it your own.
by Brandy Brown | April 22, 2024 | , , , , ,

Did Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Live up to the Hype?

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters has ended, but was it any good? Thomas Richards gives his thoughts on the series along with the rest of the Monarch Files crew.

Asimov’s Laws Be Damned: A First Look at Metallic Rouge

Have you ever wondered what a world where humans and androids coexist would be like? Take a step into the colorful world of Metallic Rouge and find out. And now I want chocolate.
by Brandy Brown | January 13, 2024 | ,

Anime: The Enemy of Gamers and Busy People

What does a busy person with limited time get sucked into when it comes to anime? Brandy shares some of her favorites as a relatively new person to this massive genre.
by Brandy Brown | December 26, 2023 | ,

The Five Godzilla Movies That Got Their Claws in Me

As we continue with #GodzillaWeek, Brandy looks at a few of the Godzilla movies that made her a big lizard convert. All Hail Beeg Lizard!
by Brandy Brown | December 9, 2023 | ,

GODZILLA MINUS ONE REVIEW: A Brutal and Moving Kaiju Masterpiece

Brutal, Epic, Moving! Godzilla is back in an amazing new film that will crush your expectations and leave you breathless and maybe even crying.
by Dan Morris | December 1, 2023 | , , ,
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Sweet Home – Final Season Review

Sweet Home’s final season dropped on Netflix, and it is time to talk about it. Did we get the ending we wanted and the characters deserved? Read on to find out!
by Art of Lily KJuly 23, 2024
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