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Unfortunate Astronauts, Not So Noble Knights and Plenty of Dark Humor – Our Exclusive Interview With the Super Talented People at MAKE Originals

If you like Love, Death & Robots then we have something that will scratch that itch. MAKE Originals is a terrific animation studio with some dark but hilarious animated micro-shorts that are sure to make you giggle just as much and they shock you. We got to sit down with the team from MAKE and learn more about this talented group of animators and what to expect from them in the future.
by Nick McKay | January 16, 2024 | ,

One Year Later: Gotham Knights – Misunderstood Masterpiece Or Missed Opportunity?

It’s been one year since Gotham Knights was released and we’re still debating whether it is a misunderstood masterpiece or a massive missed opportunity. Join us as we Step Into The Knight and find out!
by Nick McKay | November 7, 2023 | , , , , ,

Swing Into the Future: Spider-Man 2 Sets a New Standard for Superhero Games!

It’s finally here and it is absolutely one of the best games of the year! It’s time to Be Great, Together in Spider-Man 2.
by Nick McKay | October 24, 2023 | , ,

Spider-Man 2 Final Preview – What We Know and Expect to See From One of the Biggest Games of the Year

This is not a drill! Spider-Man 2 is less than a week away! Here is our final preview before we jump on board the HYPE TRAIN!
by Nick McKay | October 17, 2023 | ,

WET From 2009 Is A Hidden Gem That You Should Absolutely Play

Ever heard of the video game Wet? It’s an absolute classic and you need to play it! Think Tarantino meets Max Payne. Have a read and see why we think Wet is a hidden gem that you absolutely need to play.
by Nick McKay | October 12, 2023 | , , , ,

A Tiny Sticker Tale Review: Where Stickers Hold the Power to a Heartfelt Story

Looking for something different? Something super wholesome? Look no further than A Tiny Sticker Tale! Here is our review of this adorable little indie title available right now!
by Nick McKay | October 7, 2023 | , , , ,

Top 10 Things You ALWAYS Do In Video Games

“Stop pressing the buttons so hard! It doesn’t make your character go faster!” It’s just something we have to do, OK? Like so many others, there are things that we just can’t stop doing. Join us as we talk about a bunch of things that you ALWAYS do in video games
by Nick McKay | October 5, 2023 | , , , ,

Stream Screams: The Ritual (2017) – A Netflix Gem That’ll Haunt Your Dreams

Looking for something scary to stream? We got you! This is a new series called Stream Screams and first up is the uniquely terrifying British horror film, The Ritual.
by Nick McKay | September 11, 2023 | ,

Delays, Delays, and Canceled Games. Is There Something Wrong in the Video Game Industry?

Video Games have been getting delayed more than ever before. Is there a problem in the industry? Join us as we dive into that question and talk about some high-profile games that have been………….. Delayed. See what I did there ;)
by Nick McKay | September 8, 2023 | , , , ,

Breaking Bad’s Fiery Showdown: The Ultimate Ranking of its 10 Most Explosive Characters!

Breaking Bad has a ton of terrific characters and with so many choices it’s hard to pick a favorite, so we’ll do it for you! Here are our picks for the 10 best Breaking Bad universe characters. Let us know what yours are!
by Nick McKay | August 14, 2023 | ,
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Sweet Home – Final Season Review

Sweet Home’s final season dropped on Netflix, and it is time to talk about it. Did we get the ending we wanted and the characters deserved? Read on to find out!
by Art of Lily KJuly 23, 2024
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