A Tiny Sticker Tale Review: Where Stickers Hold the Power to a Heartfelt Story

 | October 7, 2023

It is a jam-packed October for video game releases, and it is very easy for some smaller games to fly under the radar, but one that should be on yours is A Tiny Sticker Tale. From developers Ogre Pixel, this wholesome, sticker-filled, bite-sized adventure is one that is short but pretty sweet.

A cartoon donkey, racoon and bird in a forest as a magic sticker book opens
A Tiny Sticker Tale (2023)

Playing as a Donkey named Flynn, we embark on a journey across Figori island. Using the power of a magical sticker album, you will solve creative puzzles by taking and placing stickers in different places on the various areas of the map. Each puzzle reveals new objectives and slowly tells the story of Flynn and his dad while you collect medallions representing important lessons Flynn learns about growing up and becoming a good person. This game is as wholesome and full of heart as it is cute and cozy. A Tiny Sticker Tale was made possible thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, and its developers’ passion shines throughout the game.

A gift he won’t soon forget

Sticker placing is the main gameplay mechanic, allowing you to take most objects and characters and either place them on the map or carry them around in your sticker album. Reminiscent of sticker books you may have had growing up, placing objects all over the world becomes an addictive rabbit hole of backpack management and decorative design. There is a portable tent that you can decorate with items you’ve collected across the island, and it develops into a bit of a treasure hunt to find the coolest pieces to deck out Flynn’s home. The gameplay loop can become a bit repetitive, and the fetch quest nature of the objectives does fill a lot of your time with tedious activity. The inclusion of some minigames that build on the gameplay, such as the crossbow challenge and a tennis match, adds a little something to shake things up, albeit not that frequently.

You need a bridge? Gimme one sec…

Visually, the game is pretty appealing to look at. The inventive art style is well executed, and the variety of the characters and elements of the world really helps flesh out the experience. You may travel from a sandy beach to a frosty mountaintop as you explore further, and each new area provides new challenges based on the environment. It is super family-friendly and full of color, creativity, and puzzling fun that just about anyone can enjoy.

Night time already?

A Tiny Sticker Tale is a really original, fun little indie title that is sure to be an enjoyable break from the mainstream. The sticker puzzles are fun to figure out, and it’s a heartwarming story with characters that are as endearing as they are cute. It may be a little repetitive at times, but that hardly becomes an issue in its short runtime of around 2 hours. For something a little different and a lot more wholesome, get your hands on A Tiny Sticker Tale, available from October 4th on PC through Steam and on Nintendo Switch.

A Tiny Sticker Tale gets 7.5 out of 10.

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