Where the Hell are the Star Wars Farming Sims?

hello world!
Brandy Brown
| May 4, 2024
hello world!

Cozy Games have become a big part of the gaming industry. After Stardew Valley, it seems like every other developer has started creating cozy farming sims. I think this is just the beginning of the farming-life sim revolution. They are so successful because they offer so much freedom within the game. You can set goals and work toward them in your own time. For people with stressful lives or stressful jobs, how amazing is that? They offer realism and relaxation. Monotonous work can be soothing to many people. It’s a form of escapism with non-violent gameplay and simple goals that are easy to achieve. I can turn my brain off for HOURS playing My Time at Sandrock. I feel so involved in all that happens in the community without going outside!

There are so many great, cozy games out there. Disney Dreamlight Valley has been one of my favorite cozy games lately. I get to hang out with some of the best Disney Characters while farming and making the village truly magical. I interact with them and do simple things that make them happy. But what if I want to be a moisture farmer on Tatooine? What if I want sand in all the wrong places? I can’t! 

I’ve played the SIMS 4 Star Wars bundle, but it’s basically like going to the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World. I got bored with it quickly because it didn’t feel like I had much to do. I couldn’t stick with it, and I didn’t have my own house or my adorable little farm on the shores of Naboo where I could have a cute little herd of nerfs. THAT’S RIGHT! I want to be a nerf herder! BUT, I can’t!

Cozy farming sims are coming out based on The Lord of the Rings. Read about the update on Tales of the Shire here. I can be a cozy little Hobbit building up my little village, but I can’t be an Ewok hunting Stormtroopers for meat? I want to be a cannibal, Ewok! YET, I can’t! Okay, so I am not sure if Ewok’s hunt Stormtroopers for food, but they had a LOT of helmets. War drums, anyone?

I think Ewoks are a little evil and I love them for it

I want nice planets to settle on, like Alderaan (pre-blown) or Kashyyyk. Not Hoth, though, screw Hoth. I mean, what could you possibly farm there? Nothing! And I am not fighting Wampa’s for a carrot. And don’t get me started on Coruscant. You can’t farm there! I suppose you could be a mechanic for all the speeders flying around. I know I mentioned wanting to be a moisture farmer on Tatooine, but who really wants to be a moisture farmer? Pick a different planet. So many lovely planets to call your own. Let’s move on from Tatooine because who wants to farm moist (is that where blue milk comes from?) with Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru (may they rest in the force), all while defending against Tusken Raiders. And I mentioned the sand, right? 

I want to create a character like Ahsoka or have a murder droid companion like Chopper. “Go blow those potatoes out of the ground, Chop!” Have to make Chopper happy, ya know. That’s the great thing about these farming-life sims. You can make your character whatever you want. You can make your home and your garden look any way you want it, and no one can say a word about it! Sigh…I love these games. So seriously, where the hell is my Star Wars farming sim? 

What kind of world would you want to live in? Let us know in the comments! And join us in our soupy weirdness over on Couchsoup.com.

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