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Tyler Graham

Go Mecha Ball Review – Unleashing Your Inner Pinball Wizard

Whale Peak Games’ Go Mecha Ball is a roguelike game with tight mechanics and a satisfying gameplay loop. Read our review to find out if this title is for you!
by Tyler Graham | March 22, 2024 | , , ,

NeonMob Shutting Down: Bittersweet Farewell to a Principled Art Site

The digital trading card website NeonMob is shutting down this February. Here’s what you need to know about the site’s closure.
by Tyler Graham | February 20, 2024 |

Pokemon Go: Top 10 Pokemon That Deserve a Community Day in 2024

Pokemon Go has one Community Day featuring a new Pokemon every month. Some are big community hits, and some are flops. Here are 10 Pokemon who deserve a Community Day event in 2024!
by Tyler Graham | February 17, 2024 | ,

Cryptis: A Boomer Shooter Proof of Concept Featuring Damn Good Dark Fantasy

Cryptis is a short new boomer shooter experience on the Steam store. See why this free-to-play game is worth trying out now!
by Tyler Graham | February 16, 2024 | ,

Palworld Controversy Carries On: Pokemon Copycats and AI Allegations

The Palworld controversy seems as though it’s never-ending. At the end of the day, in this situation, both sides are in the wrong.
by Tyler Graham | February 4, 2024 | , ,

Overwatch 2: How to Make Player Progression Feel Bad

Overwatch 2 Season 6 “Invasion” introduced a brand new progression system, allowing players to level up their profile alongside their favorite heroes and roles. Fast forward nearly 3 seasons, though, and this system is still deeply flawed.
by Tyler Graham | January 19, 2024 | , , , ,

Overwatch 2: A Modest Defense of Lifeweaver

Many of Overwatch 2’s Support heroes are probably more powerful than they should be right now. But when the nerfs come to balance the game, this is why Lifeweaver should be left untouched.
by Tyler Graham | January 8, 2024 | , , , ,

Free Play: MMO “Tourism” Is My Chosen Playstyle

World of Warcraft has fallen victim to complete optimization of play, and it seems like many MMOs trend in that direction. Where does that leave a proponent of free play in a massively multiplayer online game?
by Tyler Graham | December 20, 2023 | ,

Moonstone Island Review – Nearly Perfect Mix of Pokémon and Stardew Valley?

Moonstone Island is a cozy farming sim with a twist - it’s also a monster battler. But does it successfully blend the seemingly disparate genres?
by Tyler Graham | November 10, 2023 | , , , , ,

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun Review – Guns! Gore! Grimdark!

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun sees a lone Space Marine undertake a quest to stamp out the heretical chaos sorcerer threatening Graia… but is this game favored by the Emperor?
by Tyler Graham | September 14, 2023 | , , , , ,
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House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 5 Recap- Regent

The King is partially alive, and there’s a new sheriff in town this week in House of the Dragon. Let’s get into the incest, death, and panic together!
by Michelle HolstineJuly 17, 2024
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