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Tim Beisiegel

Mando to the Movies: The Holy Filoni’s Galactic Vision Unveiled

The recent announcement of the Mandalorian and Grogu movie has caused some discussion in the Star Wars community. What does it all mean? What can we look forward to? Let’s dive into it all
by Tim Beisiegel | January 12, 2024 | , ,

10 Questions With Michael Witwer: Featuring Dragons, Mysteries, and a Side of Heroes’ Feast

New York Times Best Selling author Michael Witwer sits down to talk about life, writing, and we even threw a little Dungeons and Dragons his way. We had the questions, he has the answers.

Bad Moon Rising – a Review of Rebel Moon

The highly anticipated Rebel Moon by filmmaker Zack Snyder is now available on Netflix. Is it worth the watch? Let’s dive into the critical reviews and what should help guide you on your quest to watch or not watch this movie.
by Tim Beisiegel | December 30, 2023 | ,

A Disturbance in the Force – Reviewing the Star Wars Holiday Special Documentary

The recently released documentary, “A Disturbance in the Force,” dives into the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, talking to the people who made it and who watched it. Having watched a screener, here is a review of the documentary and why you should watch it.
by Tim Beisiegel | December 21, 2023 | ,

From Hangovers to Heartwarming: Why Bluey Isn’t Just Another Kids’ Show

Let's dive into the incredibly popular kids show that's more than just a kids show. Find out why you should be watching Bluey, kids or no kids
by Tim Beisiegel | December 13, 2023 | ,

Godzilla’s Musical Roar: A Look Back to the 1998 Soundtrack

The soundtrack from 1998’s Godzilla movie starring Matthew Broderick may, in fact, be better than the movie. Here are some reasons why and some songs you should be paying attention to.
by Tim Beisiegel | December 4, 2023 | , ,

Did The Marvels Actually Bomb? Separating Fact From Clickbait Fiction

Many of the articles about the latest entry for the MCU, The Marvels, tell you how badly the movie is doing, and how bad the movie is. Is that a fair review? Let’s talk about some of the factors surrounding the release of The Marvels.
by Tim Beisiegel | November 25, 2023 | ,

Why Star Wars Needs to Move Away from the Skywalkers

Is Anakin Skywalker required for the future of Star Wars storytelling? Let's talk about the reasons why we should be moving away from the Skywalkers.
by Tim Beisiegel | November 21, 2023 | , ,

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Unleash Your Inner Halfling: Dive Into 28 Unique Endings with Halfling Dale App!

Shana travels to a mysterious and magical world known as Dale, a choose-your-own adventure story. In this review of Wysiwyg Wizards Halfling Dale App
by Shana MartinApril 19, 2024
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