Yes, I Live With A Survival Horror Junkie

The first step is admitting you have a problem. Right? Or does he have a problem? How does this work? 

Suppose you live with a gamer. Maybe it's a family member, a roommate, or even a significant other. And because you live with them, you are exposed to whatever games they like to play. This includes the horrifyingly graphic and disgusting games with copious amounts of blood. Oh my god! The blood! It's the kind of games that they play over and over and over again and on harder difficulty each time. 

If this is you, my friend, you just might live with a survival horror junkie.


I have never been a fan of games designed to terrify the living daylights out of me. I prefer to play games that let me escape the horrors of everyday life because, let's be honest, most jobs are a nightmare. But since I moved in with my significant other, I have been exposed to some of the scariest, most intense, and squishy (you know, the sounds that zombies make when they chomp on your face) games I have ever seen. He has actually tried to get me to play some of his favorites, including Resident Evil. The old-school pixelated original version of Resident Evil didn't freak me out (that much- okay, the spiders got me). 

*WARNING: Very salty language in the following clip*

I mean, seriously, I told him there’s never anything good behind red doors. And I was right! 

He also got me to play the re-released version of Resident Evil 2, and that was a giant NOPE for me. I tried. I really did. But when there is a massive blood smear leading under a half-opened door that I have to crawl under, no thank you, I would like to live. I stood there so long that he finally took over the controller. 

I guess you could say that I have a powerful survival instinct. I would rather run away from danger! Not into it! Growling and snarling noises? Go the other way! To me, it’s very simple. Not to a survival horror junkie. They run headlong into the most gruesome and disturbing scenes imaginable and watch as their characters die in incredibly awful ways over and over again. And these are the games they enjoy playing! I get it. It's all about the challenge. I think. 

I have had the incredible privilege (I'm holding up my sarcasm sign) of watching him play through things like The Last of Us, Days Gone, The Evil Within, and a slew of Resident Evil games. This is just a small list. There are many, many more. And sure, today's graphics are incredible, and they can do so many things to make everything look more realistic, but must they? I have seen more realistic-looking entrails and body parts that main characters have to slip and slide through to get away from whatever madness is chasing them than I ever care to (I'm looking at you, Evil Within). Never EVER try to eat ANYTHING when the person you live with decides to start playing one of these games. Just DON’T. 

And why would I want to play games that have literally made him scream? The first time he played Phasmophobia (a ghost hunting game) with his friend, they were both screaming. Like girls. For more on those hilarious shenanigans, you can check out my previous article “When Men Scream Like Girls”.

Shana's creation

As much as these games can make me squeamish and blow my blood pressure through the roof, sometimes funny things can come out of it when I am forced to watch some of these horrifying games. While streaming Evil Within, I had asked my significant other to please turn his "butt light" off (the lantern that hangs from the character’s belt) because it attracts zombies. I thought it was a perfectly reasonable request. It became a hilarious possible t-shirt idea thanks to fellow Replayer and stream watcher Shana Martin. 

I sometimes have an easier time dealing with these types of games if I am co-oping them with him. We played Dead Space 3 together and I was so proud of myself when I had a headshot on the space zombies (or whatever they are), but those bastards kept coming! Headless! Full spine headless space zombie grossness crawling at me was not what I had in mind for a romantic evening of co-op gaming with the man. 

I have also started playing Phasmaphobia with him and friends, but it is seriously scary no matter how many times I have played it. I've been known to stay in the van to “look for orbs” on the cameras. Don’t judge! I live so I get to keep my money and my equipment to help fund future ghost hunting expeditions. That’s my story and I am most assuredly sticking to it. I have also been known to just guess what the ghost is and drive off with the van when we get a particularly nasty ghost that has killed off the rest of the crew—because I am not going in that house!

I’m sure I will continue to get roped into either sitting with him while he plays or attempting to play with him because apparently, my reactions are “funny.” The small bit of satisfaction I get is that many times my reactions to jump scares actually scare him more than the actual game itself. What can I say? I’m jumpy and we get a good laugh out of it, and it makes for some entertaining streams and content. You’re welcome?

As much as I complain about the awfulness that I hear and see emanating from his screen on a daily basis, I don’t think I would have it any other way. It makes him happy, and the fact that he can share something with me that he is passionate about is incredibly important to both of us. I have learned a lot about the franchises and do get interested in the great stories behind things like the Umbrella Corp, for example. Even if I am watching while my hands are covering my eyes.  


What games do you get exposed to that you wish you didn’t? Do you or someone you know live with a survival horror junkie?



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Monthly Update: May 2021 Game Releases

The calm before the storm is almost over. The pandemic has caused many delays to the gaming industry, but it's all about to get a little crazy. It begins with the much anticipated Resident Evil Village (where you can satisfy all of those super-tall-lady horror fantasies), the return of a few updated classics, and an all-new game you should definitely take a closer, furry eye-patched look at.

May’s Highlights

Resident Evil Village - May 6th (PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC, Stadia)

When Resident Evil VII was announced as a first-person take on the long-running series, it seemed like Capcom had lost its way. However, RE 7 proved to be one of the best survival horror games ever made, and The Village looks to go even further. Leaning very much into the gothic setting of Resident Evil 4, The Village sees the return of Ethan Winters as he encounters various horrors such as half-naked vampire women... But also, hellish goblin-like monsters, Werewolves(!), and the merchant guy that looks like he wants to eat you more than the monsters. I can't wait to play!


Hood: Outlaws & Legends - May 10th (PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC)

Hood: Outlaws & Legends takes the Robin Hood concept of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor to a new level. In this PvEvP game, teams of 4 will have to sneak and kill their way to riches using 1 of 4 classes all while defeating guards and an opposing team of players who are after the same treasures. Hood gives vibes of Hunt: Showdown meets Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege meets Payday, and it could have a clever style of multiplayer fun in its quiver.


Subnautica: Below Zero - May 13th (PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC)

Subnautic is an open-world survival game set on a distant planet completely covered in water. Subnautic: Below Zero takes place one year after the first game and is set in an arctic region of the planet. Dive into the icy depths and collect resources to craft tools and build up your base so that you can dive deeper and explore the mysteries of Planet 4546B. The original Subnautica will also be released on the same day for the Switch if you need to get caught up and aren’t afraid of alien sharks trying to eat you.


Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - May 14th (PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC)

The beloved sci-fi RPG Mass Effect is coming back as a complete collection of Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3, including over 40 DLCs. All of this has been through the video game waxer to present the whole series in stunning 4K visuals. To really sweeten the deal, Mass Effect one has been given some major and minor gameplay tweaks to make it feel and play more like the superior Mass Effect 2 and 3. No more wretched Mako controls! Relive your sci-fi fantasy as Commander Shepard on May 14th.


Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster - May 20th (PS5, Switch)

Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne was originally released on PlayStation 2 in the states in 2003. It is considered by many to be a cult classic and among one of the best JRPGS of all time. Now it is getting the remaster treatment and a fresh coat of HD polish so you can relive the glory days. Almost a sister RPG to the ever-popular Persona Series, SMT3N follows similar themes of battling demons as a half-man half-demon yourself in a post-apocalyptic Japan. The original featured a guest appearance by Devil May Cry’s Dante, so I wonder if he will make a comeback, too.


Biomutant - May 25th (PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC)


Biomutant is a unique take on 3rd person gameplay combat combining gunplay and melee combat with a martial arts style system. Players will create their own unique powers that will change and evolve depending on the mutations they acquire through the game. Learn new Wushu combat styles from masters throughout the game as you explore a vivid and breathtaking open world. Biomutant may just be quirky and weird enough that it's charming and cute. Look forward to this one on May 25th.


The complete list…

Dragon Quest Builders 2 - May 3rd (Xbox - Gamepass)

The Colonists - May 4th (Ps4, Xbox, Switch)

Demoeo - May 6th (SteamVR, Oculus)

Highrisers - May 6th (PC)

Resident Evil Village - May 6th (PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC, Stadia)

Raiden IV X Mikado - May 6th (Switch)

Skate City - May 6th (PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC)

Hood: Outlaws & Legends - May 10th (PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC)

Monster Harvest - May 13th (Switch, PC)

Subnautica: Below Zero - May 14th (PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC)

Famicom Detective Club: The Girl Whos Stands Behind - May 14th (Switch)

Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir - May 14th (Switch)

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - May 14th (PS4, Xbox, PC)

Rust Console Edition - May 17th (PS4, PS5, Xbox)

Outbreak: Endless Nightmares - May 17th (Xbox)

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield - May 19th (PS4, Xbox, Switch, PC)

The Wild at Heart - May 19th (Xbox) - May 20th (PC)

Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster - May 20th (PS5, Switch)

Knockout City - May 21st (PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC)

Miitopia - May 21st (Switch)

Capcom Arcade Stadium Packs 1, 2, and 3 - May 24th (Xbox, PC)

Biomutant - May 25th (PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC)

King of Seas - May 25th (PS4, Xbox, Switch, PC)

Maneater - May 25th (Switch)

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground - May 26th (PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC)

Oddworld Collection May 27th - (Switch)

Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection - May 31st (PS4, PS5, Xbox)

Necromunda: Hired Gun - May 31st (PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC)


Which of these games might you be sinking your giant 9-foot-tall woman-shaped teeth into? Let us know in the comments below.