The Rest of Us Podcast | The Nolan North Interview | Watching Now: HBO The Last of Us

You know him, you love him, it’s Uncle Noly! Join the Rest of Us crew as we sit down with voice acting icon Nolan North to pick his brain about the Last of Us HBO series, his character, David, from the video game, and share a boatful of laughs along the way. This guy is pretty cool!

The Rest of Us Podcast | Episode 9 – Fireflies | HBOs The Last of Us

We’ve endured, we’ve survived, and we’ve made it to the end. This season of The Last of Us has delivered so much and has been a crazy ride! We’ve reached the season finale and got some critical cameos along with a pretty faithfully adapted ending that may divide the new audience just as much as it divided the old one when we first finished the game. Join us as we break down the last episode of season 1 and give our take on the season as a whole and what the future looks like for the HBO series.

Watching Now: The Last of Us | Episode 8 breakdown

Brutality, emotion, action, cannibalism, Troy Baker being stabbed in the neck, this week’s episode of The Last of Us really had it all. We finally got to meet Ellie’s big bad evil guy, David, and boy did it deliver. Of course, it didn’t please everyone and it may be the most divided the room of The Rest of Us podcast has ever been but we loved it regardless. Like a meat cleaver to the head, let’s tear open this episode and dive right in… Was that too graphic?

Watching Now: The Last of Us | Episode 7 breakdown

Left Behind is the action this week… oh, and also the title for episode 7. A sweet and cute little love story that hits almost all of its angsty, teen-romance marks but at what cost? There were some very divided opinions on this week’s podcast so come on in and join the conversation, we can be all poetic about it and just lose our minds together.

Watching Now: The Last of Us | Episode 6 breakdown

Slow, steady, and finely crafted. This week on The Rest of Us podcast, we dive into a more emotional episode exploring Joel and Tommy’s fractured relationship and Joel’s ever-evolving grief. We find a plethora of easter eggs and maybe bitch about a few things along the way. One thing is for certain, The Last of Us is picking up steam toward its emotional climax, and we’re not sure that we’re ready, but damn sure we are going to love it!

The Rest of Us Podcast – Special Interview with Jeffrey Pierce

On a special extra episode of The Rest of Us Podcast, we are joined by a very special guest. He is one of the stars of The Last of Us video games, a BAFTA award winner, and all-around big ol’ sweetheart. Adding a little star power to the podcast, we were thrilled to sit down with actor, voice actor, director, producer, and novelist, Jeffrey Pierce.

Watching Now: The Last of Us | Episode 5 breakdown

We’re still a bit shaken up to be honest. The most action-packed episode yet and at the same time the most emotionally devastating. The Last of Us certainly ramped up the tension this week. Join us as we talk about Super Sam and big brother Henry, what we think of the big, badass bloater, and of course, we’re gonna talk about the “I’m Sorry” scene. I’m not crying, you are!

Watching Now: The Last of Us | Episode 4 breakdown

It’s back to Joel and Ellie this week and with a sharper focus on the two reluctant travel companions, we uncover a new threat in Kansas City. Not so much with the infected in this episode but one thing was made clear, humans are just as dangerous! This week, the Jeffrey Pierce fan club talks about the new original characters, some juicy easter eggs, developing story theories, and the inclusion of some iconic scenes from the game.
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