Welcome To New Caledonia! | Tchia Video Game Review

From game studio Awaceb, Tchia is a wonderfully crafted exploration platformer and a heartfelt celebration of New Caledonia culture. With a concept and an air of magic that wouldn’t feel out of place in a Disney movie, Tchia embarks on a journey to rescue her kidnapped father while trying to figure out her newly acquired “soul jumping” power, which allows her to possess and control various animals and objects. Exploring the islands of New Caledonia is a great experience from the beginning as we are introduced to its people’s customs and daily life. While minor technical hiccups detract a little from a uniquely charming experience, Tchia is a fun and educational ride through an archipelago you may never have heard of. This delightful little indie game is colorful, amusing, and full of possibilities.

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Written and edited by Nick Mckay

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