The Fox Returns: First Impressions of Amazon Prime Series Episodes 1 & 2

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Shana Martin
| January 26, 2024
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On January 19 2024, Amazon Prime released season 1 of Zorro to the US viewers. This Secuoya Studio’s  production ends the 19-year-long drought of live-action Zorro content. I have been a fan of Zorro since I was a kid, even wrote an article called Zorro and the Forgotten Fandom. So you know I am here for it!  As excited as I am, I will do my utmost not to spoil anything for any long-time and new Zorro fans. It stars Miguel Bernardeau as Don Diego/Zorro And Renata Notni as Lolita Marquez (the love of his youth.) The story takes place in 19th-century Los Angeles. Diego receives a letter informing him of his father’s death. He returns home determined to find out who killed him and why.

The first episode can make or break a series 

The quality of the production is great! It’s colorful and bright, and even the scenes that take place at night are well-lit. The period costuming and set design are beautiful. All the dialog is said in Spanish with English subtitles. However, there were moments I did find it hard to read. I recommend using closed captioning as the words scroll slower across the screen, making it easier to read. There is also an English dubbed version, which is out of sync and may be distracting to some viewers. So I recommend sticking with the Spanish version.  Be sure to check your settings for your viewing pleasure The excellence of the fight scenes is truly remarkable. Given that this is a series and not a film, my expectations for the fight scenes were pleasantly surpassed by their sheer epicness. The sequences in the episodes were characterized by a captivating blend of drama and acrobatics, leaving a lasting impression that would undoubtedly make, both Antonio Banderas and Guy Williams would be proud.

What sets this series apart from the other Zorro iterations?

Amazon Prime promotional image featuring the cast of Zorro in a collage of 19th century clothing floating in deep blue sky with bright orange setting sun

After watching two episodes, it holds some of the familiar stories that most Zorro fans would recognize. Diverging from the episodic format, the series embraces a continuous storyline, weaving a complex narrative web. Each character holds secrets and hidden agendas, amplifying the stakes in the struggle for control over California, impacting even the Native population. The female characters, notably Lolita Marquez, defy stereotypes; she is no damsel in distress. A palpable tension exists in her relationship with Diego, introducing a “will they won’t they” dynamic.. Then there’s  Nah Lin a native warrior, who Dalia Xiuhcoatl plays; is just straight-up badass!  Don’t get in her way, and that’s all I’m going to say!

What I love so far

Native female warrior in native clothing with red face paint in the shape of a mask like Zorro. Preparing to fight
“Nah Lin Is ready for a fight!”

There is a strong Native presence in the story. Growing up with the Zorro series from 1957 and then The New World Zorro from 1990,  both merely mention or delicate one episode that features a native character. This series, however, shows how the native people keep the legend of Zorro alive and help guide Diego to fulfill his destiny. I said it before, and I’ll repeat it, these women don’t wilt like flowers in the noonday sun. They are strong, cunning, and resourceful. There is still a great deal to swoon over. Miguel is indeed a handsome fellow and looks quite dashing in black!

Season 1 has 10 episodes in total.  So far the show has good reviews.  According to one critic via Rotten Tomatoes , “This Zorro is a welcome return for a classic character. It’s good, cheesy fun, and hard to dislike. -John Serba (The Decider)   No word as yet if there is to be a season 2, I am just glad to see one of my favorite characters back in the saddle again. and excited to see what the rest of the season has in store. I will do my best to pace myself and not binge it all at once. Tell us what you thought of the first two episodes. What did you love about it?

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