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Did Doctor Who’s “The Giggle” Prove It’s a Fiery New Start? Madness, Puppets and Politics, the 60th Anniversary Finale

Did the 60th anniversary special revive Doctor Who from its slump, or did it break apart like the Spice Girls? Ben goes into the finer points of the extravagant end to the 3 specials.

The Matrix Resurrections: Familiar Visuals Redirect Focus to the Story

Is The Matrix Resurrections a good film experience or just a nostalgic cash-grab? Stef W shares her first impressions and how old familiar visual effects help us focus on the new story and characters.

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The First Nintendo Direct of The Year Had a Few Surprises

The first Nintendo Direct of 2023 is here, and there’s a lot to cover. Join Thomas Richards as he gives his highlights of the Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase.
by Thomas RichardsFebruary 27, 2024
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