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Pokémon Concierge: An Adorable Vacation

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Thomas Richards
| January 4, 2024
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Have you ever wondered what a resort made for Pokémon would look like? Have you also wondered if a Pokémon series created using stop motion would be good? Lucky for all of us, The Pokémon Company and Netflix had the same questions and have released the final piece of Pokémon content for 2023, Pokémon Concierge. This four-part miniseries shows a new side of the world of Pokémon, and it’s goddamn adorable. Instead of intense battles and evil organizations, this series has Haru and the Pokémon Resort. That may not seem engaging, but you’d be wrong. Pokémon Concierge is a chill new addition to the Pokémon series, and I will tell you why.

A New Job at a Resort

Chilling with my Psyduck. (The  Pokémon Company)

Pokémon Concierge follows the story of Haru, the latest concierge at the Pokémon Resort. After a string of unfortunate events like losing her job, being dumped over the phone, and just all around not having a good time, she lands a new job at the Pokémon Resort. Now free from the shackles of monotony that we call life, Haru sets out to make a good first impression, excel in her new job as concierge, and become friends with all of the Pokémon staying there. And that’s all you really need to know about this series. There isn’t a focus on a larger plot throughout these four episodes; they’re each self-contained and will leave you feeling happy. There is some slight progression as the episodes go on, but it’s more character growth than anything. Instead, each episode showcases Haru’s new life as a concierge, and I think this approach works wonderfully for a short series. It did feel like some episodes were missing once the series finished (or maybe I just wanted more episodes), but hopefully, there are more on the way.

New Colleagues

Inner Peace. (The  Pokémon Company)

The new characters introduced in this series are all enjoyable to watch throughout each episode. I’ve already mentioned the main character, Haru (Karen Fukuhara), but I haven’t mentioned why she works so well here. Having come from a high-stress environment, Haru carries over some of her habits from her previous job. This not only leads to some funny moments, but if you get anxious about doing a good job (like me), you’ll be able to relate to Haru. While quick, seeing her adapt to resort life was still enjoyable to watch. Aside from Haru, there are other staff members at the resort. There’s the laid-back Tyler (Josh Keaton), who helps with cooking, Pokémon yoga, and anything else he finds fun. Then there’s Alisa (Imani Hakim), a part-timer who can paint and rock climb (she also has a Mudkip, so she is one of my favs). There is also Ms Watanabe (Lori Alan) Haru’s supervisor and the person who keeps the resort running. The back-and-forth Haru has with her new colleagues is enjoyable, and I hope we get the chance to see them again.

I Just Want To Hug Them All

MUDKIP!!!!! (The  Pokémon Company)

It’s time for the big one, THE ADORABLE STOP-MOTION POKEMON! Sorry, I lost my composure. But yes, this entire series is animated using stop-motion, which includes the Pokémon. Dwarf Studios perfectly captured the charm of Pokémon in stop-motion form. Each Pokémon looks so cute and fluffy, and I just want to hug them all for all time (ESPECIALLY MUDKIP). They also captured the personality of each Pokémon really well, which I enjoyed. Even the meaner-looking Pokémon like Metagross and Gyarados look phenomenal here. The human characters also look great, like they were taken out of an Aardman cartoon. They’re all expressive and fun and fit the series’ overall tone (Watanabe has a bit of a weird face, though). The environments are also gorgeous and provide scenic locals for all the Pokémon fun.

They just lil guys. (The  Pokémon Company)

Pokémon Concierge was an adorable time, if only a bit short. With only four episodes, all under 20 minutes, I was left wanting more. But that just tells you that it was an excellent time, even if I was saddened when it came to an end. The chill stories, enjoyable characters, and lovable art style make Pokémon Concierge a must-watch for everyone. Even if you’re not a big Pokémon fan, you’ll find fun in this adorable new series.

You can watch the entire series right now on Netflix.

Have you seen Pokémon Concierge? What did you think? Which Pokémon was your favourite? Let us know in the comments where we argue which Pokémon is better.

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