The Last of Us | Episode 1 Breakdown | Watching Now Podcast

DATE: 01/17/23
By Lily Kurta, Erika Aundawyn, & Nick McKay and Stephanie Judge, Drew Lewis, PJ Haarsma

Episode 1 of the HBO series The Last of Us is finally here, and… WOW! While you take a moment to catch your breath, join Lily, Erika, and Nick as they talk about every moment that took theirs away. These eagle-eyed super fans will be talking about everything they spotted in the show and critically breaking it down. Get your gear, kids; this is going to be a wild ride. See you on the other side!


Couch Soup presents a brand-new podcast series, The Rest of Us, starring Lily, Erika, and Nick. The new HBO series The Last of Us is upon us, survivors! Follow along every week as they break down easter eggs, comparisons to the game, story elements, and tons more in each new episode. Every week they will be sharing their excitement, favorite moments, and some personal experiences. Trust us–you don't wanna miss this. Endure and Survive!


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Lily Kurta

Erika Aundawyn

Nick McKay


Edited by Lily Kurta

Produced by Stephanie Judge

Executive Produced by PJ Haarmsa & Drew Lewis


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HOST: Lily Kurta, Erika Aundawyn, & Nick McKay
PRODUCER:  Stephanie Judge, Drew Lewis, PJ Haarsma
STUDIO: Couch Soup

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