10 Horror Movies You Can Still Look Forward To in 2024

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Iain McParland
| June 6, 2024
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2024 has already had some banger releases in the horror genre. In the first half of the year we’ve seen Imaginary (read our review here), Exhuma (read our review here), Late Night with the Devil (read our review here), and Abigail (read our review here) to name just a few. 

But that’s not even half of it! There are still some massive horror movies in 2024 to sink your teeth into and chomp on down. Here are 10 of my most anticipated releases still to come this year!

10.  They Listen (TBC August 30th)

Not much is known about They Listen as I write this, but there are elements that have me intrigued. For starters, it’s being directed by Chris Weitz, one-half of the directing duo behind American Pie and About a Boy. This tells me it’s probably going to be pretty funny. Add to this a noticeably talented comedic cast, including John Cho, Riki Lindholme and David Dastmalchian, and I can start to see the formation of a stellar horror-comedy.

It’s also being produced by Blumhouse, and, let’s face it, they very rarely miss the mark in this genre. I’m excited for an imminent trailer release!

9.  Smile 2 (TBC October 18th)

The freaky deaky smiling entity is back for more creepy goodness in the sequel to Smile from 2022. Back with a whole new cast to torment, aside from Kyle Gallner, can this smirking evil being finally defeated, or will another group fall prey to it? 

Back in 2022, the marketing behind the original film was a tour de force. They had people in football stadiums staring at cameras with psychotic smiles on their faces to promote the movie. It gave me the heeby jeebies, and I’m sure the next installment will have the same effect.

8.  Never Let Go (September 27th)

Imagine a world where you couldn’t leave your house for fear of being attacked by supernatural entities. Now imagine you found a loophole whereby if you are still somehow attached the house like a dog on a lead, you were safe. This is Never Let Go’s concept .

Halle Berry stars as a mother trying to survive with her two sons in the aftermath of an apocalypse. Having two young boys in her care increases the stakes and tension at each turn. And, oh my word, do the entities look terrifying! I hope this film doesn’t lean too hard on jumpscares because that could legitimately give me a heart attack!

7.  Speak No Evil (September 13th)

A remake of the 2022 Danish film of the same name, Speak No Evil tells the story of a family who are invited to spend the weekend in beautiful (yet secluded) surroundings by another family of acquaintances. But things are not as idyllic as they seem. A chill vacay becomes a game of cat and mouse in what seems to be a tense thrill ride.

Holy crap! James McAvoy is jacked in this trailer. He looked menacing in Split, but in this, he looks physically imposing. It looks great!

6.  Cuckoo (August 2nd)

When a young girl is forced to move to a small town resort in the mountains… is a classic setup to what is sure to be a weird-ass movie. Hunter Shafer, Jessica Henwick and Dan Stevens star in this strange concoction of silly moments and nail-biting suspense. The setting, switching between the clean white walls of hospital wards and the darkness of the rural town, is perfect for this type of film.

And just look at the depiction of the monster! It looks chilling! This indie vibe is my type of jam, and I can’t wait for its international release.

5.  Longlegs (July 12th)

Nicolas Cage playing a serial killer?! Sign. Me. Up!

In this horror-thriller, FBI Agent Lee Harker (Maika Monroe) is assigned to investigate an unsolved serial killer case. Things begin to get creepy when she uncovers a personal connection to the case and a link to the occult. 

Watch the trailer and tell me Cage doesn’t sound creepy as hell! It feels like he’s having the time of his life doing these smaller roles.

4.  MaXXXine (July 5th)

I am 100% in for the culmination of Ti West’s horror trilogy. I watched X last year and it was terrific. West followed it up with Pearl, a prequel to the first installment, showing an eerily similar backstory (and appearance) to X’s protagonist, Maxine Minx. Now Maxine is back, picking up six years after Pearl’s farmhouse massacre, and she’s going to be a STAR!

However, it seems trouble is never far away from Maxine because the Nightstalker killer is prowling Hollywood. Can the former adult film star become a leading name in the acting world, or will she meet a grisly end? Well, we know she can handle herself in a pinch, so I feel sorry for the Nightstalker.

Boasting a stellar cast including Mia Goth, Kevin Bacon, Giancarlo Esposito and Elizabeth Debicki, and produced by A24, this could well be the best movie in the trilogy!

3.  Trap (August 9th)

M. Night Shyamalan has always been hit-and-miss for me. For every Unbreakable, there’s The Happening. For every Devil, there is The Village. But Trap looks dope. A seemingly normal father (Josh Hartnett) takes his daughter to the concert of her dreams (think of a fictional Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande). However, this guy isn’t normal. He’s the infamous Butcher, a psychopathic serial killer, and this entire concert is a trap *wink wink* to catch him. 

Mind blown. 

This won’t be the end of the story. It is Shyamalan, after all. There doesn’t always have to be a twist, but come on! This is his signature! Let’s just hope it’s a good one. 

2.  A Quiet Place – Day One (June 26th)

If you read Lily’s 10 MOVIES YOU SHOULD BE EXCITED ABOUT IN 2024 back in January; you would know she put this movie at number 2 overall. And for good reason. The first two films in the series were tense, scary and well-acted. It’s butt-puckering stuff all around. 

A Quiet Place – Day One finally shows us the world falling to the noise-sensitive creatures from outer space. This time following the likes of Lupita Nyong’o, Djimon Hounsou and Joseph Quinn (justice for Eddie Munson), this origin story is sure to be a bombastic spectacle full of death and destruction mixed with eerily quiet moments. 

1.  Alien: Romulus (August 16th)

Let’s goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 

The xenomorphs are back, baby! And not only are they back, but they look freaking scary again. Gone are the days of looking like little b*tches next to Predator. No. This trailer takes me back to the original claustrophobic halls of the Nostromo. 

Fede Alvarez takes the helm of this iconic IP, and from what I’ve seen so far, it’s in good hands. The man behind the excellent Evil Dead reboot and the cult hit Don’t Breathe brings in Isabel Merced and Cailee Spaeny to tussle with our alien friends as they attempt to scavenge an abandoned space station. 

This is my most anticipated horror film of the year!

How about you? Are you excited for any of these films? Or did I miss any movies you’re looking forward to? Sound out in the comments!

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Drew Lewis
14 days ago

That Alien Romulus trailer is gold. Can’t wait.

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