Why Aurra Sing Needs to Return to Star Wars

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Iain McParland
| April 8, 2024
hello world!

Guys, it’s time. Time for a wrong to be righted. Time for an all-timer, not seen or heard from in years, to grace us with her presence. Time for a legend to return to Star Wars media and receive the send-off she deserves. 

It’s time…

For AURRA SING to make her glorious reappearance in live action Star Wars media! Let me tell you why.

Hush up for a moment. I know she’s “dead,” but I’ll get to that in a second. Just wait. It’ll all make sense.

Who the F*CK is Aurra Sing?

That Sebulba looks good…

Alright, some background. Aurra Sing is a force-sensitive Palliduvan principally known as a Bounty Hunter during the Clone Wars. Favoring sniping over up close and personal kills (although she’s adept with blaster pistols, too), Aurra Sing crossed paths with a bunch of our heroes, such as Ahsoka Tano, Padme Amidala and Anakin Skywalker. She also helped train Boba FREAKING Fett after the death of Jango on Geonosis

Subsequently, she took freelance jobs from various criminal gangs, such as the Hutts, and subcontracted them from Cad Bane. She’s a badass, no-nonsense mercenary with a dangerous demeanor. And she’s just… cool.

We’ve seen her once before in live-action, looking over the Boonta Eve Classic on Tatooine during The Phantom Menace, but her screen time was criminally short (because she wasn’t an established character at that time). The only other time she has been mentioned in live-action was when Tobias Beckett in Solo boasted that he had pushed her off a cliff, killing her. 

Get stuffed, Beckett!

Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

This man is TRASH!

Is she really dead? I mean, do we trust Tobias Good-Fur-Nuttin Lyin’-Cheatin’-Stealin’ Double-Crossing Beckett at his word? Absolutely not! He’s not even remotely a reliable source of information. Yes, he may have said he killed her for the extra bounty offered by Crimson Dawn, but his motivations were clear: MONEY! 

And she has cheated death before! In the Clone Wars, she crashed in a ball of flames on Slave I (Boba Fett’s Starfighter if you’re new here) after Ahsoka caused its engine to fail. She was a goner, but she came back a-swinging. 

So, a) she has a pedigree in surviving unsurvivable situations, and b) SHE “DIED” OFF-SCREEN! You know what that means. There’s no way Aurra Sing is dead. 

Everything is canon until it’s not. 

Relationship Status!

Oh, how the turn is tabled.

Now we’re in the Dave Filoni era, where we have The Mandalorian, Ahsoka, The Book of Boba Fett and the soon-to-be Skeleton Crew. It is the perfect time to bring back our favorite sniper. Not only because she’s awesome but also because she has existing relationships with some of the major players!

After Jango’s head was unceremoniously removed from his shoulders, Sing took in the young Boba Fett and integrated him into her crew. She basically made him her apprentice. Now that Boba is the big I AM on Tatooine, there’s a story to be told: a matriarchal figure challenging his regime. I’m down for that. 

My young apprentice…

Not floating your boat? We could have Aurra return after saving Cad Bane at the end of TBoBF. I didn’t see what happened to Bane’s body in the aftermath, and he did have that flashing tracker-y thing on his body at the end. Aurra and Bane have worked together before, and they’ve both worked for many of the different crime syndicates. The Pykes make sense!

And then you have her ongoing rivalry with Ahsoka. I know Ahsoka is halfway across the universe right now, but she’ll be back. Aurra could be a major weapon in Thrawn’s new army, working to establish The First Order. 

There are so many stories to tell!

Gateway to Hondo?


Being selfish, there’s one more relationship making me push Aurra’s return. Hondo Ohnaka. The jovial Weequay pirate is one of the best characters from the animated Star Wars series, turning from a despicable but likable antagonist to a more morally gray ally, treading the line between light and dark. He’s amazing.

Sing thought so, too. They briefly dated (bom-chika-wa-waaaa), and I’m sure Hondo held some sort of fire for her after he heard of her demise. Her reappearance could stir up some feelings, tempting him out of his hidey-hole. 


Ultimately: She’s Freaking Cool

My peeeeeepsss!!!

Aurra Sing is (YES IS! SHE AIN’T DEAD) a freaking cool Bounty Hunter. She has a deadshot, using her mild force sensitivity to enhance her aim. She also has cyber enhancements, including a biocomputer embedded in her skull. Yeah, that’s right, people who got mad at TBoBF for cyberpunk sh*t! It’s been around for years! Sing even has an antenna that can be extended out of her skull!

Ultimately, she’d be a great addition to this period of live-action Star Wars. We need credible threats to our heroes, and Sing is definitely one of them. She just makes sense

Come on, Filoni! You know it’s best for business!

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Tim Beisiegel
1 month ago

Great article! And I agree, although The Clone Wars helps tell a little of her story, between her involvement with a young Boba and her attempts to kill Padme, I would love to see more about her and other Assassins like Bossk be told.
Because nothing cures questions in Star Wars like more Star Wars ….

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