Warrior Princess vs. Toast: The Unexpectedly Hilarious Anime That’s Redefining Torture With A Side of Laughter!

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Dan Morris
| January 14, 2024
hello world!

There is a new anime on Crunchyroll that will have you belly laughing with its over-the-top food humor that any Foodie would die for.

‘Tis Time For “Torture,” Princess may sound more like the name of a hentai but is meant to be as it is a subversion of expectations in the sweetest of senses. This show is about a warrior princess who has been captured and kept in the dungeons of the Hellhorde. The princess and her sentient sword, Excalibur, have survived countless battles and agonizing defeats, but now is the time for torture! 

That torture is in the form of food! Beautiful and articulately animated food. Which the stalwart princess finds impossible to resist. As her sword “Ex” tries to reassure her that a measly piece of toast (yes, toast) is nothing compared to the trials they have faced together, the Princess finds herself drooling and fantasizing about all the elements and flavors that make up the delectable piece of bread. She attempts to snap out of it but is unable to resist. She submits to the torture and shares information. The torture does not end, though, as the intel is weak, and more is needed.

Those of you familiar with Food Wars will see the appeal here, and this show leans hard on the Foodie-fueled humor but not as horny as Food Wars. ‘Tis Time For “Torture,” Princess is beautifully animated with extra attention to the subtle details of food textures and descriptions of what makes them smell and taste so good. On top of that, it is hilariously well-written with classic Japanese humor and timing. It tends to be incredibly cute, especially the “Hell” beast, mostly being super cute proxies of the norm. The ogre that helps deliver the torture was one of my favorites, and I LOL’ed several times at his faces and expressions. The princess also references playing video games in a setting that doesn’t appear to have video games.

If you are looking for a new silly and light-hearted anime to watch instead of The Great British Baking Show, then check out ‘Tis Time For “Torture,” Princess on Crunchyroll. There is currently only one episode available, but it has been added to my watchlist, and I eagerly await the next mouthwatering episode.

Do you enjoy food anime? Do you like funny anime or only serious ones? Let us know the favorites you’re watching now, and check out the round-up of our favorites of the summer of 2023, which we put together every summer and winter on Couchsoup.

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