Saints Row Game Review

Approaching almost a decade since its last outing, Saints Row is back; it's hanging up its superhero capes, ditching the war on aliens, and this time taking a more serious tone… kind of.

Having been rebooted from the developers at Volition, Saints Row is returning to its roots. Instead of superpowers and alien invasions seen in Saints Row 4, the game takes on a more grounded approach but not without its sense of humor. Set in the American southwest, the story takes place in the beautiful city of Santo Ileso and follows four close friends living together, struggling just to afford rent. The solution to their problems? BE YOUR OWN BOSS! Here, they decide to put all of their skills to use to form their own gang and rise to the top of the criminal food chain under the name... you guessed it, The Saints.

As with previous installments, this game offers some wild and chaotic setpieces, among which the train heist is one of the most memorable, where you ride hoverbikes, jump between cars from one to another, and even board a tank. Players will also discover new gameplay features and abilities. Climbing out on top of your vehicle's roof and firing at enemies is one of the game's most appealing features. It makes you feel like you're in a summer blockbuster movie. A wingsuit can also be equipped that glides you across the city or allow you to take down enemies. It was a bit difficult to control at first, but after flying into a wall a few dozen times, you'll get the hang of it and have a blast.

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