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Avatar The Last Airbender: Quest for Balance- We Deserved Better

Ready for a new Avatar Game? Well, hold on to your cabbages before you hop on your flying bison to play this game until you hear what we have to say.
by Dan MorrisSeptember 28, 2023
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Is it Worth it? W/ Guest Grover Whim | Screen Smash

On this episode, we are joined by indie developer Grover of Whim Indie to learn a little bit about what it takes to be an independent game developer and then discuss if the price of some games is worth it in light of the recently revealed RDR rerelease and criticism of Ratchet and Clanks length. […]
by Drew LewisAugust 17, 2023 

Nobody Said There Would be Ghosts?! | Chapter 3 | The Green Knight: A Roleplaying Game

RETRO REPLAY presents The Green Knight: A Roleplaying Game! This brand new limited roleplaying series stars Drew Lewis, Pagan McGrath, Wayne Talbot, and Aundawyn. Watch as Wayne our beloved game master guides our three honorable-ish heroes along a crazy journey to find the Green Knight! This week our heroes come across ghostie who seems to […]
by Drew LewisAugust 27, 2021 
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