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The Return of Kenobi Review – Part VI

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Candace Bissonette
| October 29, 2022
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The denizens of Tatooine line up at a local water merchant in Anchorhead, patiently waiting their turn in the hot double suns of the scorched planet. Groff Ditcher, Obi-Wan’s former foreman, brutishly cuts in line, shoving the current customer out of line. Dardin Shull, the water merchant, is taken aback. “Something you want to say?” says the brute. “I have something to say,” says Reva, the previous Third Sister & former Grand Inquisitor. “Wait your turn,” demands the brute. Reva Force slaps the water cup from his hand to get her point across. 

Groff steps out of the way as she approaches Dardin, “I’m looking for a farmer named Owen.” Her tone reflects that she will not be turned away from the information she is seeking. In the previous chapter of this series, Bail Organa sent Obi-Wan an incriminating communication including far too detailed information that has led us to the convenient plot twist of added tension. 

The members of ‘The Path’ are trying their best to escape the pursuit of the Empire. They had made it off of Jabiim, but the Empire is still closing in. Darth Vader takes the Star Destroyer’s bridge, cape dramatically billowing behind him, “Increase firepower,” he commands. 

The Star Destroyer continues its barrage against the simple transport. Some of the laser blasts connect and rock the unsteady smaller ship. The members of ‘The Path’ look worried. There are familiar faces in the crowd, including the boy Corran and his mother Nyche. Even though Nyche took a blaster bolt in the last chapter of this series, she survived. 

“Hyperdrive’s almost ready. Move all power to the rear shields. We’ll head for Tessen. Get you out from there,” Roken announces to the group. Obi-Wan Kenobi follows Roken into a smaller compartment of the ship, “We’re not going to make it to Tessen, are we?” “Motivator’s shot. Power couplings are bad,” Roken explains he’s working on it, but the shields won’t last forever. “How much time do you need?” Obi-Wan asks just as the ship gets rocked by another hit. “More than we have,” Roken shakes his head and walks away. He is trying his best to keep his people alive, but hope is dwindling as the distance closes between the two factions. 

Obi-Wan slowly, thoughtfully walks through the main cabin of the transport, looking at the scared passengers who are trying to calm one another. He finds Leia cheering up Corran and Nyche with Lola, her droid. Leia goes over to Obi-Wan, “They’re scared. She keeps their minds off of it,” she explains. “Maybe I should borrow her too,” Obi-Wan attempts light humor. I appreciate that he is being honest with Leia about his feelings about their unfavorable circumstances. 

Back on Tatooine, Uncle Owen brings Luke to Mos Eisley to shop for a part for their speeder. “What do you need, kid?” the shop owner asks Luke. “We need a new belt for the speeder,” Luke explains. Owen grumpily adds, “A certain somebody broke the last one.” The shop owner seems amused by this, “Your uncle’s a patient man.” “I’m not that patient,” Owen corrects. This whole exchange is very cute. 

It’s obvious Owen brings Luke with him to talk to the local merchants and to learn how to do business. The owner is accustomed to them coming in to ask for parts because it seems like Luke likes to test the limits of their transportation in attempts to go fast. He has too much of his father in him. Dardin, the water merchant, enters the shop, “Owen? There’s something you need to know.” He looks afraid about the information he’s about to share. 

“No! No way! You can’t just leave me here!” Little Leia yells. “I’m the one Vader wants. If I go, he will follow,” Obi-Wan knows his old apprentice is single-minded in his mission. “I’m not letting you!” Leia yells again. “Leia, please!” Obi-Wan is getting frustrated at Leia’s stubbornness. She is making a scene in the main cabin for everyone to hear. 

“Wait, what happened to all of us staying together? Nyche asks. “You’ve spent ten years protecting the Jedi. This is my chance to return that favor,” Obi-Wan is determined to ensure their survival. Roken tries to reason they can all make it out together because they’re so close; Sully says they need Obi-Wan. “Roken, you know this plan makes sense. It’ll buy you the time you need. You must get these people out of here.” 

Obi-Wan raises his voice so all can clearly hear him, “You are all the future.” Obi-Wan looks down at Leia, “You are the future,” Obi-Wan looks back to the group, “You’re what needs to survive,” there is steel in his voice. Vivien Lyra Blair does an amazing job capturing a younger version of Carrie Fisher’s reactions in this scene. 

“No,” Leia shakes her head and stubbornly marches away from Obi-Wan. “Leia,” Obi-Wan calls after her. It’s not a plea. It’s the tone he uses on Anakin when Anakin is being unreasonable. Haja interjects, “I find she needs to be given space. Just…” “You must promise me you will get her home, Haja,” Obi-Wan doesn’t mind the interruption. Haja solemnly says, “You have my word,” and then lightheartedly adds, “Although I know the word of a liar and a fake Jedi may not mean much to you.” Classic Haja. “It’s good enough for me,” Obi-Wan says. It’s clear Haja has earned Obi-Wan’s trust. For once, Haja doesn’t have a fun retort. The weight of what Obi-Wan’s trust truly means sinks in for Haja. Obi-Wan turns and leaves. 

Owen and Luke return to the Lars homestead. Owen tells Luke to go inside. Beru is outside working on something. She approaches Owen, noticing something is off, “What is it?” “Come on inside,” Owen looks around and behind him to the horizon to see if they have been followed as he leads Beru inside. “How did she know he was here?” Beru asks. “I don’t know. All I know is she is coming,” Owen supplies the scant information he received, “Ben is gone.” “Whose fault is that?” Beru quips. Obi-Wan is a source of contention for the couple. Beru doesn’t seem to mind his watchful presence, and his help would be most useful in this situation. Too bad Obi-Wan is off saving the other twin. 

“We need to leave, Beru. We need to take Luke and hide somewhere,” Owen wants to run, “If we stay, we need help.” Owen knows the other moisture farmers and locals typically stick together to have each other’s backs when danger arises. “I’m not putting anyone else in danger, Owen. We’re enough. You and me,” Beru is firm on this choice. The threat they face is more than just the typical Tusken Raiders or gang of bandits.

“We both knew this day might come,” Beru moves some boxes away from a wall and pulls some guns out of a hidden cubby, throwing one to Owen, “She’ll come when the suns go down. Best we get positioned now.” All right, Aunt Beru! She’s a ma’am with a plan. She’s thought about the ‘what if’ scenarios in case Luke’s secret ever were discovered and has some basic strategies to ward off attackers. Despite Owen keeping Obi-Wan from the boy, it’s clear from this situation that he was heavily relying on Obi-Wan to watch out for Luke and come to their rescue if danger ever neared. 

Obi-Wan finds Haja sitting with Leia. Haja gets up to give them a moment together and whispers to Obi-Wan as he leaves, “I talked to her. You’re welcome.” “You said you’d take me home,” Leia says as Obi-Wan approaches. “I wish that I could, Leia. Really, I do. Please tell your father I tried,” Leia seems to feel he means what he says. 

“I have something for you,” Obi-Wan presents Tala’s holster, “She would have wanted you to have it.” Leia runs her fingers over the notches in the holster representing everyone Tala helped save along ‘The Path’ and says, “It’s empty.” “Well, I wasn’t going to give you a blaster, Leia. You’re ten years old,” Obi-Wan pauses, “But you won’t always be.” 

The sentimentality of this last line about her youth doesn’t land for me. You’d give the younglings at the Jedi Temple a laser sword which is much more dangerous, but you wouldn’t give Leia a weapon even though she is being pursued by bad guys? Have any of the writers on this project ever watched any of the Star Wars movies? They don’t seem to understand the scope or personality of the characters they are writing for. Some of the ‘plot twists’ and throwaway lines throughout the series have just felt off.

“This weapon means your life.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode II Attack of the Clones

Obi-Wan and Leia share a sentimental moment, silently reassuring each other, and finally, Leia gives Obi-Wan a big hug. “Come back. Please,” Leia quietly says. “I promise,” Obi-Wan says with a smile. I love their dynamic here. Obi-Wan seems to be genuinely happy to have met and spent time with Padme and Anakin’s daughter, seeing how much of a difference she will make in the galaxy as she grows up. Even though she doesn’t know her true origin story, Leia seems to be happy to have someone who was once connected to her real parents in her life and who truly cares about her and her survival. She was rescued by a real Jedi! 

Sitting alone, Obi-Wan examines his lightsaber. Looking up, he says, “I have to face him, Master. Whether he dies or I do, this ends today.” Obi-Wan is still looking for guidance from his former Master, Qui-Gon Jinn. Roken lets Obi-Wan know the drop ship is all set, “You don’t have to do this, you know. We can still fix the drive,” Roken bargains. “I have to go,” Obi-Wan’s mind won’t be changed. Roken finally seems to understand, “You want to do it. It’s about you and him.” “Just keep them safe,” Obi-Wan says. “Keep yourself safe, too,” Roken reminds Obi-Wan. “Roken. There are not many leaders left. People follow you. Don’t stop,” Obi-Wan encourages. “I’m just getting started,” Roken smiles. I hope to see more of Roken. He has been a great new character. Obi-Wan steadies himself for what he must do next. 

“We’re tracking an escape craft. There’s one life form aboard,” an Imperial officer announces to Darth Vader. “That’s him,” Vader firmly assures. “My Lord, we must continue our pursuit of the insurgents. Now is our chance to wipe out this network in its entirety. We can not prioritize one lone Jedi,” the reappointed Grand Inquisitor reminds Vader. The Grand Inquisitor is not wrong in this tactic. They have the entirety of ‘The Path’s’ network right in front of them, but Vader doesn’t care. He’s single-minded in his revenge. 

“He is not just any Jedi. Follow Kenobi,” Vader orders. Even out of focus, you can see the Grand Inquisitor physically shift his demeanor in disagreement, but he bites his tongue in voicing any further argument. The Star Destroyer shifts its path to follow Obi-Wan. 

The twin suns set over the desert of Tatooine. Night falls. Owen and Beru take Luke to a secure room. This room is the same room where Luke discovered the hidden message in R2-D2 from Princess Leia in Episode IV: A New Hope with the infamous line, “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.” It is also the same room Anakin gave Padme his speech, “Someday I will be the most powerful Jedi ever,” in Episode II: Attack of the Clones after his mother, Shmi’s death.  

“The Tuskens are on the hunt again. They’re raiding farms along the wastes. So stay in here. If anything goes wrong, you know what to do. You run,” Owen instructs Luke. He is shielding Luke from the truth. “I’m not afraid,” Luke says. “I know,” Owens says, “Everything is going to be fine.” Even though Owen might be rough around the edges, he obviously cares about the boy. Beru gives Luke a big hug and reassures him everything will be okay with a big smile. Owen and Beru lock Luke in. 

Obi-Wan continues to evade the Star Destroyer. “Prepare my ship. I will face him alone,” with a quick turn, Vader dramatically stalks off the bridge. Obi-Wan lands his drop-ship on a barren moon and waits for the impending confrontation. He finds that Leia has placed Lola in one of his robe pockets. His earlier quip about borrowing Lola to keep his mind off the current situation comes to mind. He smiles at the cheerful little droid and places her on the dash of the ship. He takes a moment to himself, steadying himself for the impending inevitable confrontation. 

The perimeter alarm sounds at the Lars family homestead. “She’s here. It’s time,” Owen says, and he and Beru take their places, waiting for Reva to make her move.

Darth Vader follows Obi-Wan down to the barren moon. He slowly descends the ramp of the Lamba-class shuttle. Vader does not need to search for his quarry. The master is waiting for his old apprentice, unlit lightsaber in hand. A waxing crescent hangs low in the barren moon’s sky while tall rocky crevices meet a barren plateau. A foreboding haze sets a dramatic stage for a long-awaited duel. 

Vader angrily faces off with Obi-Wan, “Have you come to destroy me, Obi-Wan?” Obi-Wan ignites his lightsaber, the blue light cutting through the darkness, “I will do what I must.” Obi-Wan takes his signature fighting stance, lightsaber in his right hand, held overhead, extended parallel to his left arm, held straight out in front of him. Cue the chorus. Literally. Obi-Wan is not playing games anymore. Any doubt he once had in facing Vader is gone. “Then you will die,” Vader angrily ignites his red blade. 

Vader lunges at Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan is ready. An impressive battle ensues. As they engage and get locked in battle, many of their moves are recognizable from their previous engagements in training together. Anakin’s moves that once took Obi-Wan by surprise no longer hold their power. Obi-Wan is able to predict them and counterattack accordingly. Vader attacks with strength and brute force, but Obi-Wan proves to be nimble and quick. Obi-Wan’s sureness in battle makes Vader hesitate slightly. Obi-Wan points his blade directly at Vader and goes on the offense. 

Reva enters the Lars’ home and ignites her lightsaber, slowly starting to stalk about. Owen starts blasting. Beru follows suit. The two moisture farmers keep up the barrage while staying out of harm’s way. They kick over flower pots and storage bins, doing their best to keep her occupied. 

The epic battle continues! Obi-Wan is driving the onslaught in the rocky spires, the blue and red blades starkly contrasting in the haze. Vader tries to turn the tide but ends up locked blade and blade with Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan ferociously drives Vader back. As Vader stumbles back, Obi-Wan reaches out to the Force and intends to bring a mountainous spire down to bury Vader. 

Vader catches the spire. “Your strength has returned,” he observes, intrigued, “But the weakness still remains.” Vader launches the spire away from them, and Force throws a smaller boulder at Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan cuts through it and charges Vader again. They lock their blades. Vader uses another rock to swipe Obi-Wan’s feet from under him, making him give ground. Obi-Wan starts to retreat.

“And that is why you will always lose,” Vader smashes his hand flat to the ground, Force shattering the rock beneath his hand outward toward Obi-Wan. The ground gives way and caves in under Obi-Wan, landing him in a pit. Vader approaches the side of the pit, looking down upon his nemesis. Will he say the line? Come on, say it! Vader does not claim that he has the high ground. Instead, he angrily Force hurls large boulders down into the pit to bury Obi-Wan. “Did you truly think that you could defeat me? You have failed, Master,” Vader gently says as he looms in the gloom. He deactivates his lightsaber and walks away as the boulders settle.

Back on Tatooine, Reva corners Owen and Force throws a crate at him, knocking him down. Her red lightsaber illuminates the neutral tones of the home. “You really love the boy. Like he’s your own,” Reva says. “He is my own,” Owen corrects. Owen takes a few swings at Reva with a stray part he finds lying around. He connects a few times before she grabs the improvised weapon. “What do you want?” he demands. “Justice,” she seethes. 

Owen notices her wound and punches it. He’s fighting dirty and doing everything he can to gain the advantage in this battle. She howls in pain and throws him off with a backhand. She takes another swing with her lightsaber, but Owen is able to keep her at bay, sacrificing his weapon. Reva Force slams Owen off the catwalk. As he falls, he smashes his knees on some storage boxes along the way. “Beru, she’s coming!” he yells to warn his wife. 

Reva opens the door. Focused on the boy, Reva doesn’t see Beru. Beru leaps out from hiding next to the entrance and lands a solid hit right to Reva’s face. With a powerful smack, Beru slows Reva down and screams, “Go!” to Luke. All right, Aunt Beru! Beru’s determination to fight is impressive. Reva throws Beru to the side. Luke escapes through a small hole in the roof and runs out into the desert with an injured, frustrated Reva in pursuit. 

Down in the pit on an unnamed barren moon, Obi-Wan uses the Force to hold the boulders Vader had buried him with at bay. He strains with effort as the ghosts of the past attempt to haunt him and bury him further. “This is the end for you, my Master. Admit you are beaten,” Anakin’s voice echoes in his mind. “You cannot run, Obi-Wan,” Vader’s voice plays into the cacophony. “You’re my enemy,” Anakin whines. “You should have killed me when you had the chance,” Vader taunts. “I do not fear the dark side,” Anakin affirms. “I am what you made me,” Vader reminds. This was a very cool use of the character’s past entwined with the present. 

Instead of focusing on Anakin, Obi-Wan focuses on Leia and Luke. Recent memories of the children flash through his mind. He stops focusing on the past he can not change and instead focuses on a much brighter future. Obi-Wan is facing Vader to help save the twins and all those who may bring hope to a darkened galaxy. 

Obi-Wan’s strength returns. He blasts the rocks from his tomb and leaps up out of the pit. Vader is slowly, purposefully returning to his ship. He stops realizing the battle is not over yet. Obi-Wan doesn’t hesitate to strike, and Vader is just able to block the attack. 

They lock blades. Obi-Wan is not giving up. With impressive swordsmanship, the two spar at a pace reminiscent of when they were much younger men. Obi-Wan baits Vader to attack his blade and turns the bait into a counterstrike that would have been fatal if Vader had not caught the attack with the Force instead of his blade. Vader attempts to throw Obi-Wan off balance, and Obi-Wan responds by Force throwing him into one of the towering spires. The impact is heavy.

Obi-Wan then calls upon the Force to lift the boulders that once buried him high into the air. He rains down rock in an unrelenting tempest against Vader. Vader pushes through the onslaught of debris and engages Obi-Wan with his lightsaber. 

Indulge me for a moment. This epic scene with Obi-Wan lifting massive boulders and rocks reminded me of something. I know lifting rocks with the Force is a long-established Jedi pastime, yet the setup and use of imaging closely resembled a scene with Rey in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. I couldn’t help but wonder… Are they trying to tell us something? Hint at foreshadowing here? Or are they running out of ideas and recycling imaging just because? Star Wars has a long history of parallels, secrets, and double meanings to add depth and foreshadow the story. 

Lifting rocks. The great Jedi pastime.

I’ve had a long sneaking suspicion that they will eventually tie Rey’s lineage to Obi-Wan. Especially now that the fans seem to want more of Kenobi’s story told. How can this be possible? They can do this in a few different ways. *Pushes nerd glasses up on the bridge of my nose* My theory? In 42 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin), Obi-Wan was assigned to protect a Mandalorian Dutchess by the name of Satine. They fell in love. Satine nicknamed him Ben during this time. Obi-Wan returned to his duties as a Jedi. Maybe she secretly had a child he never knew about? *Coughs* Korkie Kryze. 

Rey’s mother, Miramar, was born in 6 BBY. Not much is known about her. However, if Obi-Wan and Satine had a secret love child, this love child would then be old enough to have a child of their own. Maybe Miramar? I know, I know. Grasping at straws? The timeline lines up, and if this were the case, it would further explain Rey’s immediate, powerful connection to the Force beyond being Palpatine’s granddaughter. Plus, it would add greater significance to the conflict between the Skywalker, Palpatine, and Kenobi bloodlines. Obi-Wan was one of the first prominent voices Rey heard when she began her connection to the Force. Great-Grandfather? Is that you? I would love this story because Rey would then have ties to Kenobi and to the Mandalorians. Hello Great Aunt Bo Katan! 

Or Obi-Wan falls in love with a new character we haven’t met yet within the next year, and they have a baby girl named Miramar. With the fan’s demand to see more of Kenobi’s story, this could very well become a possibility. 

Where were we?

Back on Tatooine, Reva chases Luke into Beggar’s Canyon. She loses him in the darkness. Luke is familiar with this terrain and quietly eludes her on an upper edge.

Obi-Wan and Vader continue their epic duel. Obi-Wan lunges directly at Vader, who catches his hand, twirling his previous master around, so Obi-Wan swings his blade down overhead. Their blades become locked in place overhead. Obi-Wan, revitalized by hope for the future, uppercuts Vader and starts attacking the control panel on Vader’s chest in a quick succession of attacks with the hilt of his lightsaber. Sparks fly and Vader’s breath becomes weakened with each new attack. 

Obi-Wan Force throws another rock at Vader. Vaders stabilizes himself after the impact, and his breath is a loud metallic wheeze. Vader attacks Obi-Wan but is weakened. Obi-Wan easily evades the attack, and Vader falls after taking a glancing hit to his back. Vader gets up and strikes again. 

Blades collide, but Obi-Wan Force pushes Vader back a long way and uses the distance to gain momentum for his next attack. Obi-Wan runs, parkouring off a large boulder to Superman slash Vader across his helmet. Vader’s shell has been cracked. On a knee, breathing heavily labored, helmet sparking, Vader is in no rush to get back up. 

Obi-Wan is readily waiting to continue their duel. He realizes Vader is not getting up, and his stance relaxes slightly. 

Vader looks up at him. The open slash across the helmet allows a part of his scared, melted visage to be seen. The red light of his blade recreates the fiery tones of Mustafar and further lends to the nightmarish vision. Vader meets the gaze of his previous Master. Obi-Wan’s features betray his emotions: Horror, pity, fear, and remorse. “Anakin,” he says as plead, a statement, an attempt to beseech the man he once knew. 

Vader slowly stands up, his melted brow set, hatred and anger simmering in his eyes. “Anakin is gone. I am what remains,” His voice is a slightly synthesized version of Hayden Christensen’s voice instead of James Earl Jones’s iconic voice. The opening in his helmet allows his real voice to be heard. Hearing ‘Anakin’ again within the suit makes the encounter feel unreal. A distorting of realities. Obi-Wan is stricken with grief, his eyes well up, “I’m sorry, Anakin. For all of it.” 

Vader takes a breath, staring out from beyond the partial cover of his mask, “I am not your failure, Obi-Wan,” his voice distorts between Hayden’s and James’ Earl Jones on Obi-Wan’s name. “You didn’t kill Anakin Skywalker. I did,” he impishly smirks in Hayden’s voice, “The same way I will destroy you!” The play of red and blue light from the lightsabers off of the helmet and Vader’s face within the mask is a great storytelling element showing the ebb and tide of the flow of the Force and the rise and fall of good and evil within the galaxy entwined in this mechanical man’s destiny. 

All these years, Obi-Wan has blamed himself for Anakin’s fall to the dark side. The truth seems to finally sink in for Obi-Wan, “Then my friend is truly dead.” Vader tries to walk toward Obi-Wan but is slow and struggling to breathe. “Goodbye,” Obi-Wan pauses, “Darth,” he turns and leaves. As Obi-Wan walks away from the fight, Vader yells, “Obi-Wan!” The combination of the fallen man within the monster suit is heartbreaking. Typically, we think of this man as either Anakin Skywalker or Darth Vader. We rarely get to see them portrayed as broken pieces of a whole. Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor did a phenomenal job with this scene. The raw emotion of unresolved conflict piqued the nostalgia of the prequels. Obi-Wan’s inner turmoil could finally ease. He was not to blame for what Anakin became. Vader made the choice. He was not the victim of circumstance.  

Reva stalks Luke through Beggar’s Canyon. He nimbly tries to evade her, but his location is revealed by crumbling rock. Reva uses the Force to pull him down off the higher ledge. He slides down the slope shrieking in fear. Obi-Wan can sense the boy is in trouble and jumps into hyperspace, racing against time to try to protect the boy. 

Reva approaches the unconscious crumpled child and ignites her lightsaber. As she draws near, instead of the boy, she sees herself as a young child, recalling that fateful night Anakin stormed the Jedi Temple during Order 66. Recalling his betrayal as he killed everyone she cared for. Little Luke, little Reva, her memories fragment as she recalls Anakin and Vader, one and the same. Her internal struggle becomes an outward one. She lifts her red lightsaber behind her head for an overhead swing. 

This story arc makes no sense to me. Reva served her betrayers to hopefully one day gain an opportunity to turn on them and exact revenge. She failed to act swiftly when the timing was right and failed in her larger mission. Why would she be driven to become what she feared and hated? Wouldn’t she want to strike a further blow to those who tried to kill her and help those within The Path? Wouldn’t she desire to save the Force-sensitive children of today since she couldn’t save her friends from the past? Anakin/Vader tried to kill her. Why would she be focused on hurting Obi-Wan when Obi-Wan offered to help her? According to Tala Durith earlier in the series, the Inquisitors were responsible for the death of many Force-sensitive children already. Why is Reva suddenly having a change of conscience because of Luke? This. Doesn’t. Make. Sense. 

Obi-Wan returns to Tatooine and lands right on the Lars’ homestead. It’s night, and he can hear Owen and Beru out in the desert calling for Luke. “Where is he?!” he joins them. Obi-Wan offers to search the Dune Sea and won’t stop until they find the boy. Beru sees another figure approach, a long dark robe swinging in a hobbled approach. Reva is carrying the limp body of Luke. Obi-Wan, Owen, and Beru tensely wait to know the status of the child. 

Reva lays Luke in the sand and kneels at his side. Luke moves slightly. At the first sign of life, Beru and Owen approach Reva and Luke. They look bewildered, relieved, and thankful, not fully understanding what transpired tonight on their homestead. They pick up the child and head into their home, leaving Obi-Wan and Reva alone.

Obi-Wan approaches Reva. “I couldn’t do it,” she tearfully repeats. “I failed them. He killed them all, and I couldn’t do it,” she sobs. Obi-Wan squats down near her, “You haven’t failed them. By showing mercy, you have given them peace. You have honored them,” he gently commends her. “Have I become him?” Reva tearfully asks. “No. You have chosen not to,” Obi-Wan softly says, “Who you become now, that is up to you.” 

Reva removes her Inquisitor lightsaber and studies it for a moment, remembering all the pain she inflicted with it. She drops it in the sand. Obi-Wan stands and offers her a helping hand, “Now you’re free. We both are.”  Both stand in the dark Tatooine night, free of their ghosts. 

Fortress Vader on Mustafar, an impressive sight, stands tall in the vast lava fields. Vader has an audience with Darth Sidious, his chosen Master. The Empire has sent out probes to find Obi-Wan. “We will destroy everything in our path until he is found,” Vader determinedly states. “You seem agitated, my friend,” Sidious can tell the encounter has left his apprentice shaken. “He will not evade me again,” Vader says. 

“I wonder if your thoughts are clear on this, Lord Vader,” Sidious places doubt in his apprentice’s ability, “Perhaps your feelings for your old master have left you weakened. If your past cannot be overcome…” The veiled threat. “Kenobi means nothing. I serve only you, my Master,” Vader assures. As the camera pans away and Vader is left alone on his throne, we hear the Imperial March for the first time in the series. 

With a striking contrast of scenery, we return to Alderaan. It’s sleek, sophisticated cities with the backdrop of majestic mountains and lush forests. Little Leia gets ready for a new day. Boots, white tights, with a white dress with simple yet exquisite details. She combs her hair which is up in her signature crown of braids, treasured gloves bought by a doting Jedi friend, and a prized blaster holster that once belonged to a courageous woman who died fighting for what she believed in. Leia is ready.

Leia’s mother, Breha, comes to gather her and notices her new attire, “Is that a holster?” Leia smiles smugly but proudly. Her mother approaches her for a closer look, “I love it.” They share a laugh. Breha holds Leia’s hand as they walk out to a landing pad to meet a visitor. 

Breha gives Bail a slight head tilt as they join him. Bail looks at Leia’s new ensemble. “You said there were many ways to lead,” Leia says, “If I’m going to do this, I’m going to want to change a few things.” “Then let’s change things together,” Bail is in full support of new ideas. They are all smiles.

Leia is used to meeting new people frequently and asks about their new arrival, “More cousins?” Obi-Wan descends the ramp with a large grin on his face. Ewan McGregor always makes departing a ship in Jedi robes look cool. Lola is right behind him. “Who am I to separate a young lady from her droid?” Obi-Wan jokes as Leia excitedly runs to reunite with her droid. 

Obi-Wan and Bail embrace, and Breha thanks Obi-Wan. “We can never repay you,” Bail adds. “Well, she has already done that,” Obi-Wan says, referencing the precious time he was able to spend with Leia as she brought back his hope. “I fear for her future. The Empire grows stronger and bolder,” Bail seems troubled by what he has recently experienced with Leia’s kidnapping. 

“Well, if you ever need my help again, you know where to find me,” Obi-Wan seems back to himself. Relaxed, cool, confident. The weight of the galaxy seems to have lifted from his shoulders. Anakin’s downfall was not his fault. He has found hope that his old friend’s daughter and son may light the way for the future. Bail hopes the day will never come when he will have to call Obi-Wan again for help. 

Obi-Wan approaches Leia and looks down at her fondly. “So, what will you do now?” Leia inquires. “I don’t know. What do you think I should do?” Obi-Wan asks. “I think you should sleep,” Obi-Wan genuinely laughs at the good advice. “I think you’re right,” he agrees. 

He gets down on one knee to be at eye level with Leia, “Leia… When I said before that I didn’t know your parents…” Leia patiently waits as Obi-Wan hesitates to search for the right words, “Princess Leia Organa, you are wise, discerning, kindhearted. These are qualities that came from your mother. But you are also passionate and fearless, forthright. And these are gifts from your father. Both were exceptional people who bore an exceptional daughter,” Obi-Wan proudly puts a hand on her shoulder, “I wish I could tell you more.” 

“It’s okay. You don’t have to,” they both look over at her adoptive parents. She is loved by her current family, “Thank you. Will I ever see you again?” “Maybe. Someday. If you ever need help from a tired old man,” they titter and then get serious, “But we must be careful. No one must know, or it could endanger us both.” Leia gives Obi-Wan a big hug, “Goodbye. Obi-Wan.” “Goodbye, Princess. May the Force Be With You,” Obi-Wan turns and looks at the Organas as he boards his transport to leave, happily taking in the vision of the reunited family. 

Back on Tatooine, Obi-Wan gathers the few items he owns from the cave he had made his home. As he is packing up, he comes across the toy he had purchased for Luke and seems to make a decision. He turns to absorb the view of what was once his home for the last ten years and leaves it behind. 

Obi-Wan visits the Lars homestead. Owen, ever the gatekeeper, “What are you, uh, doin here? I thought you were going to keep your distance.” “And I will. You know, you were right,” Obi-Wan has had some epiphanies, “He just needs to be a boy. The future will take care of itself. The only protection he needs now, Owen, is you and Beru. Take good care of him,” he nods and turns to leave respecting the distance Owen wants to ensure.

 “I will,” Owen quietly says under his breath. “Ben?” Owen calls after Obi-Wan, “You want to meet him?” Owen gives a ghost of what could be a smile which is rare for his curmudgeonly character. Joel Edgarton has done such a great job in the role of Uncle Owen. 

Obi-Wan seems a bit surprised but happy at the opportunity. Luke, busy working on some random parts around the farm, stands as Obi-Wan approaches with the toy in hand, “Hello there,” Obi-Wan smiles. HE SAID THE LINE! Now I understand why earlier in the series, they held off on what seemed to be the perfect opportunity. They were saving it for the cherry on top at the end. 

Hello there. 

Obi-Wan traverses the Tatooine desert on his eopie. As he is about to enter Beggars Canyon, where many years ago, a bet on a podrace freed a slave child that changed the fate of the galaxy, an old friend and mentor appears, “Master Qui-Gon.” “Well, took you long enough,” Qui-Gon says with his hands on his hips. “I was beginning to think you’d never come,” Obi-Wan is clearly happy to see his old Master. “I was always here, Obi-Wan. You were just not ready to see. Come on. We’ve got a ways to go,” Qui-Gon turns and fades as he leads Obi-Wan into the canyon. 

The twin suns of Tatooine bask down on Obi-Wan as he starts a new chapter free from the ghost of his Apprentice and now accompanied by the ghost of his old Master. 

It was so great to see Obi-Wan Kenobi in this series. I love this character. He has always been a fan favorite, and it was nice to see more of his story expanded upon. Ewan McGregor does a phenomenal job in this role, and I love to see him don the Jedi cloaks once more. 

However, I am not convinced this series and its story arcs were entirely necessary. As much fun as it was, it opened the door to continuity issues for the original trilogy and, at times, felt like an elaborate fan-written piece of fiction with an enormous budget. 

Never in all my years did I think Obi-Wan and Princess Leia ever met again after the twin’s birth. The Princess was aware of the legendary Jedi General. She most likely grew up with stories being told by Bail about the Clone Wars, which is why in her transmission in Episode:IV: A New Hope, she addressed Obi-Wan so formally. It never struck me she knew Obi-Wan personally and would have fond memories of him rescuing her. Also, in the original trilogy, when Luke goes off to rescue his friends from the Empire in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Obi-Wan says, “That boy was our last hope.” He is corrected by Yoda,” No. There is another.” If Obi-Wan had met Leia and developed that close bond with her, he would have never uttered those words. 

Overall, if you are able to let go and let the story take you for a ride, you will enjoy this series. Star Wars canon is ever-evolving at the new creators’ whim, and it has seen many changes over the years. This change is no different than the many others before. This series is nostalgic for the Prequel days. It allows us to see Obi-Wan heal from Anakin’s loss. Because of its popularity, we may see Obi-Wan Kenobi again. What new stories will be told to add to his legacy? 

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