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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree – Everything We Know Now

Liza breaks down Elden Ring's story so far, and what players can expect going into the Shadow of the Erdtree's DLC. With new weapons, spells, incantations, armor, and gameplay options, even Elden Ring veterans will face new challenges in the Land of Shadow. The question is, are we ready to come face to face with Miquella and answer all we've done on our campaign for the Elden Throne?

House of the Dragon: The Main Who’s Who

Liza gives you the big who's who of HBO's upcoming Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon. Skip the confusion that is the Targaryen family tree and get right to the power players you need to know before watching.

House of the Dragon Trailer Breakdown

House of the Dragon’s first official teaser trailer was released in October, to great acclaim and excitement (and maybe some nerves). In this article, let’s examine what we can expect from the first ferocious season.

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Let’s All Be Cozy Little Hobbits: Tales of the Shire- Announcement Trailer

An announcement trailer for Tales of the Shire was recently released. This game is set to release on PC and all consoles at the end of 2024. You get to live out your cozy fantasy of living in the comfort of a hobbit hole and making it your own.
by Brandy BrownApril 22, 2024
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