Rick and Morty Season 7 Episodes 7 & 8: Lost for Words (and Numbers)

hello world!
Iain McParland
| December 14, 2023
hello world!

This is the calm before the storm. 

Rick and Morty Season 7 keeps on a-rolling with two standalone episodes. The first post-Justin Roiland season is almost at a close, and it feels like we’re barrelling towards an epic finale. But you would be forgiven if you didn’t feel that way after episodes 7 and 8. 

There have definitely been some intrinsically connected and important episodes throughout this season, cementing new actors Ian Cardoni (Rick) and Harry Belden (Morty) into their roles. But these two installments are just a bit of fun, a sorbet between the heavy main course and the delicious dessert. 

I hope. 

Episode 7: Wet Kuat Amortican Summer

How many reps can YOU do of your grandpa?

Summer (Spencer Grammar) episodes are completely different to Family Guy Meg episodes. They are fun, although they are usually dalliances outside of the overarching story. This one is no different. 

After Summer finishes her chores, including tidying the Morty’s Mind Blowers room (I guess some sh*t went down between episodes), Rick gives her payment-in-kind for her hard work. In this case, it’s an Attribute Slider. Think of it like a character class attribute generator. She can be dumb and strong, weak and charismatic, or average across all characteristics. At a party, she becomes the most popular girl in the room, much to the annoyance of Morty. In a fit of jealousy. Morty attacks Summer, and they fall into a swimming pool. Disaster. 

Morty and Summer fuse together, with Morty becoming a Kuato (Total Recall). The only words he can say are, “open our mind!” Ostracized, she is made aware of a club where only Kuato people are allowed, succumbing yet again to the siren song of acceptance. Unfortunately, she is lured into a trap, and Morty is surgically removed from her stomach and sold to the highest bidder (69 million florbos – nice).

Open your MIND!

Summer enlists Rick to track down Morty and take revenge on the black market Kuato dealers, tapping into her psychic connection with Morty in the process. In the final confrontation, the big bad is revealed to be Kenneth’s (a club patron earlier in the episode) kuato’s kuato’s kuato. That’s a lot of kuatos. Morty beats the crap out of the little guy and requisitions his robot spider legs as trophies. 

Later, Summer is seen resisting popularity, leaving the high school cool kids for a girl she saved on her quest to rescue Morty. Character growth! Maybe?

Episode 8: Rise of the Numbericons: The Movie

They’re the same, right? Not just me?

The first episode of Rick and Morty not to feature Rick (I’ll pause while you get over your shock), Rise of the Numbericons: The Movie picks up immediately after the post-credits scene of Get Schwifty. Ice-T, now Water-T, has reunited with his family on Alphabetrium when the Numbericons attacked. The ceiling caves in, and Water-T’s father, Magma Q, is killed. With his dying words, he bestows on his son the “I” of Harmony, a relic depicting an ancient prophecy. But it’s an algebraic equation, and his people DON’T DO MATH! 

Luckily, Mr Goldenfold (Brandon Johnson), Morty’s Math teacher, has a past with Water-T and agrees to help him if he finally does his homework. Water-T agrees begrudgingly, and Mr Goldenfold gets to work. Although we know Goldenfold has a problem with eating poop, he’s a certified math genius, quickly solving the equation and identifying a location to take the “I” of Harmony. 

After reporting back to Alphabetrium and being betrayed by Oxygen-S, they make their way to the planet identified by the prophecy. The scribbles residing there treat them like kings, or like Ewoks treat C3PO. Morty, Goldenfold and Water-T spend the night in the Scribble Village then travel to a temple to use the “I” of Harmony. Numbericon General Sinistar-7 stops Water-T, but their hatred quickly turns into passion. 

Oxygen-S double-double-crosses the Numbericons, transforming into an Infinity symbol, vowing to destroy all of Alphabetrium and the Numbericons. Water-T and Sinistar-7 join forces and, along with a Force Ghost Magma Q, defeat Infinity, which evolves Water-T into Magma-T.

You’ll never get me homework, old man!

Magma-T, now in his human form, gives Goldenfold his homework. He failed, much to the enjoyment of his old teacher. 

What the heck have I just written?


I’m lost for words. And numbers. 

These types of episodes can be amazing distractions from the more serious, lore-heavy episodes, but having two in a row is too much. I hope this is the calm before the storm, building towards a bombastic finale.

For now, let’s just call these what they are: wonderful one-offs but disruptions to the pacing of the season. They have their moments, but these are the weakest episodes of the season so far. 

Two more episodes left of Season 7 Rick and Morty fans! Let’s see what wacky crap they come up with next. 

But let’s have a “Classic Rick and Morty” adventure next, please? Whatever that means!

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