Quickies on the Couch: Star Wars Andor Episodes 1-3

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| September 26, 2022

Many Star Wars fans agree that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was a unique and refreshing addition to the franchise in 2016. But is the world looking for more of that same vibe? Or do the cultural and political shifts of the last 6 years have us seeking out the comforts of something older and more familiar in the franchise? It’s hard to say for certain how fans are going to receive Star Wars: Andor over the next couple of months, but the show itself is definitely leaning on the success and nostalgia of the film that introduced us to its title character.

Check out our first impressions here at Couch Soup after seeing episodes 1-3:

Thomas is all in

“Andor is what I’ve been craving since Rogue One. The look and feel combined with the outstanding cast make this one of my favourite Star Wars shows yet! And that’s just from the first 3 episodes.” – Thomas Richards

Cassian Andor crouches in the doorway of a spaceship, scavenging, but his head is raised with a slight smile as he's talking to someone out of frame.
The series reminds us of what makes Diego Luna such an incredible actor. (Credit: Lucasfilm)

Iain loves that Cassian’s persona matches with Rogue One

“I’ve loved it so far. No sand for a start! But also, he’s still that morally ambiguous character that we loved from Rogue One, doing everything he can to outsmart and outmanoevre the Empire. Very good start.” – Iain McParland (Couch Soup member Crow7blah)

Drew has longed for more Star Wars like this

“Tony Gilroy has tapped into something with Andor that I feel has been missing from Star Wars for a long time – Smart Writing. For once, both the protagonist and antagonist feel like they are making choices that are either smart or in line with that character’s flaws. I feel vested in [the series after] only 3 episodes. The show also looks incredible and the scenes are full of life. (All of the previous shows felt like they were shot during COVID with minimal talent on set.) Lastly, it feels different somehow: I don’t feel like I’m being catered too as a fan every 3 seconds with a “look he said the thing from that other film,” but, instead, the show feels like it’s treating the universe with respect and reverence in its quality of sets and details. That’s what fans like me want.” – Drew Lewis

Stef sensed the genre change… and loves it

“Disney’s investment in its streaming service has meant giving people room to explore different genres within the same franchise, and I’m loving it! In the same way The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett gave us a callback to Westerns and samurai films, Andor gives us the intrigue of a spy thriller and the grit of a war movie. The dialog doesn’t lean on the quick quips and power statements we’re accustomed to in Star Wars, either. It is dialog that you’ll want to listen to a second or third time to appreciate the fine details of the intrigue and multiple simultaneous dimensions of storytelling. I love that this is so rich! More please, yes!” – Stef Watson (Jicori)

How are you feeling about Andor so far? Are you invested? Excited? Or is it not quite what you’re looking for?

Preox-Morlana security force members in uniform searching city streets with one speaking passionately into a communicator.
The antagonists of the first three episodes of Andor are members of the Empire-directed corporate security firm Preox-Morlana. (Credit: Lucasfilm)

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