Why Director’s Cuts of Video Games- Ep. #97 | TRP

DATE: 07/07/21
By Dan Morris & Pagan McGrath and Dan Morris & Pagan McGrath

This week we are joined by Stephanie Judge and Ericka to discuss this week's topics. We start off with marvel theories, working out.. sort of, including Stephanie helping to move the couch. For timely topics, we discuss the new trend of Director’s Cuts of video games such as Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima. We talk about the moving sale that Retro Replay is having now that they are moving to a new studio. They had listed the infamous couch and it SOLD!

Dan's favorite bits:

  • Sorry Steph, I kept beating her to the punch on jokes.
  • Hot take! Director’s Cuts of games are a money grab. Give me a real Director's Cut, with behind-the-scenes and commentary.
  • Nerding out about Old games that are still awesome aka Halo and Mass Effect.

Pagan’s favorite bits:

  • I loved Erika fangirling over Steph- so sweet!
  • I can’t believe the retro replay couch sold in the space of a few minutes & discussing some other interesting finds on the website for the sale.
  • Getting into it about the director's cut of video games!


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Did you enjoy the return of Uncle Noly? How do you feel about Director’s Cuts of games?

What were your favorite bits from this week's episode? Let's chat in the comments below!

HOST: Dan Morris & Pagan McGrath
FEATURING: Stephanie Judge & Ericka
PRODUCER:  Dan Morris & Pagan McGrath

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