V Rising is to Die For and Steam Next Fest Bangers! | TRP: Ep 125

DATE: 07/01/22
By Dan Morris and Dan Morris

This week we talk about some of our favorite game demos to come out of Steam Next Fest 2022 including Selaco, Cult of the Lamb, Nine Sols, and Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator. Patrick has played a bunch of the vampire survival game V Rising now in early access which he is writing a review for and tells us all about it.


Dan Morris: https://twitter.com/StarkyVash


Luis Reza: https://twitter.com/clevermnkrhere

Patrick Sutherland: https://twitter.com/PeaSut

Tyler Graham: https://twitter.com/T_J_Graham


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Did you play any demos from Steam Next Fest? What were your favorites? Did V Rising sound like your jam or a No thank you? Let us know in the comments.

HOST: Dan Morris
FEATURING: Patrick Sutherland, Luis Reza, Tyler Graham
PRODUCER:  Dan Morris
October 1, 2022 | Videos

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