Secret Invasion & Blue Beetle Trailer Reaction & Discussion – TRAILER TALK

DATE: 04/04/23
By Drew Lewis, PJ Haarsma, Stephanie Judge, Pagan Plays and 

Samuel L Jackson is back as Nick Fury and leading Marvel’s Secret Invasion series on Disney+ that’s bringing the dark thriller spy vibes. Then we get a first look at DC’s lighthearted Blue Beetle, which is about a blue beetle that gives its wearer superpowers. Let’s watch – react – discuss. This is Trailer Talk.

Don’t hesitate to comment below if you have an idea for a trailer to react to! Members of Couch Soup can call into or show and ask questions or give their own theories. The link can be found in our community Circle on

Let’s React!

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HOST: Drew Lewis, PJ Haarsma, Stephanie Judge, Pagan Plays
STUDIO: Redbear Films

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