Picard Season 3 Review | Watching Now Podcast | Special Episode

DATE: 04/25/23
By Michelle Holstine and Michelle Holstine and Drew Lewis

Join Couch Soup for a special Watching Now podcast episode discussing the final season of Star Trek: Picard! Michelle, Drew, MSG, Stef & Hoot nerd out on the history of Star Trek, how far their love goes, the nostalgic fan service for this season, and so much more! Hear why ships are characters, too, and you’ll definitely want to hear who has some gripes about what. Let us know what you think! Find the crew at the below links:

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Michelle Holstine
Michael Saint Gregory
Stephanie Watson
Drew Lewis

Edited by Drew Lewis
Produced by Michelle Holstine
Executive Produced by PJ Haarmsa & Drew Lewis

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HOST: Michelle Holstine
FEATURING: Hoot, Stefanie Watson, Michael Saint Gregory, and Drew Lewis
PRODUCER:  Michelle Holstine and Drew Lewis

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