KENA: HIT OR MISS? - The Replayer Podcast #108

DATE: 10/27/21
By Dan Morris & Pagan McGrath and Dan Morris & Pagan McGrath

The Replayer Podcast takes a new shape as we evolve and look at games, news, and some pop culture. In this episode, we take a hard look at the new game from Ember Lab, Kena Bridge of Spirits, to discuss our likes and dislikes about this highly anticipated game. We then close out the show with some thoughts and hopes for the upcoming Age of Empires 4.


Dan's take :

Kena wears its inspiration on its sleeve and it does it well. It starts off a bit clunky, but solid mechanics and decent progression make for very fun gameplay. Incredibly beautiful and realized levels make for some fun and appealing exploration through the game. Heartfelt characters backed by an amazing soundtrack by Theophany breathe a lot of life into the experience.

There are some issues for Ember Labs first go at a full-fledged game, but ultimately a fun experience, worth playing. Read the full review of Kena right here.


Pagan’s take :

I think Kena is a beautiful game, it plays like a Pixar animation and I am loving the experience so far. The score/soundtrack is beautiful, and I think the character design and acting is superb! The rot and their little hats are very adorable and really come in handy during combat.


I definitely felt some issues when it first came out, like massive drops in frame rate when using the rot in their ‘dragon/full’ form. As well as in some of the cutscenes but definitely saw this improved after an update. Also, I’m a little disappointed in the fact that your collection of crystals in the game are only to purchase cute hats for the rot. While I think that is adorable, I would have loved to see more options here for perhaps the customization of Kena’s outfit or weapons or other kinds of upgrades.


I think it’s a fantastic first effort from Ember Lab and I’d love to see more games from them in the future.

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What do you think? Do you think Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a hit or a miss?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


HOST: Dan Morris & Pagan McGrath
PRODUCER:  Dan Morris & Pagan McGrath

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