Is Michael B. Jordan The Nicest Guy Ever?!

DATE: 04/09/21
By Drew Lewis, PJ Haarmsa, & Stephanie Judge and Drew Lewis & PJ Haarsma

This week we are watching the WITHOUT REMORSE trailer starring Michael B. Jordan and our very own Todd Lasance! Todd gives us the inside scoop on what it was like doing Navy Seal training with Michael B. Jordan and his crew while we all nerd out on the Ryanverse and all things Tom Clancy.

If you have an idea for a trailer to react to, don't hesitate to comment below!

Let's React! 🎬

HOST: Drew Lewis, PJ Haarmsa, & Stephanie Judge
FEATURING: Todd Lasance & Nolan North
PRODUCER:  Drew Lewis & PJ Haarsma
STUDIO: Redbear Films

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