I Could Just Get A Rolex - Ep. #80 | TRP

DATE: 03/03/21
By Dan Morris & Pagan McGrath and Dan Morris & Pagan McGrath

Joining the podcast this week are Michael and Chris to talk about new game announcements and Nolan playing Legend of Zelda on Retro Replay. Dan is still recuperating from the freeze of the southern states of the US. We discuss news from the latest updates from Sony and Nintendo.

Dan’s Favorites Bits

  • You should keep an Aloe Vera plant.
  • Timmons, “The Resident PS Spokesperson” is not worried about getting a PS5.
  • Sharing Pokemon in school like a drug deal

Pagan’s Favorite Bits

  • Dan, Chris, and Michael nerding out about Zelda while Pagan waits quietly.
  • Catching Pokemon while others are playing Zelda.
  • Where’s the WASD?

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HOST: Dan Morris & Pagan McGrath
FEATURING: Michael & Chris
PRODUCER:  Dan Morris & Pagan McGrath

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