Decoding Dragons | House of the Dragon Episode 5 Explanations & Lore Breakdown

DATE: 09/21/22
By Liza Phoenix, Michelle Holstine and Liza & Michelle

Liza and Michelle spill all the tea about the royal wedding drama, Daemon's future, and what we'll see after the time jump! Their fifth episode of Decoding Dragons breaks down HOTD Episode 5, "We Light the Way," and tells you what to expect for our complicated Targaryens moving forward. Turns out Westerosi weddings are just not such a swell idea.

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Liza Phoenix
Michelle Holstine

Edited by: Liza Phoenix
Produced & by PJ Haarmsa & Drew Lewis

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HOST: Liza Phoenix, Michelle Holstine
PRODUCER:  Liza & Michelle
October 1, 2022 | Videos

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