Decoding Dragons | House of the Dragon Episode 4 Reaction & Lore Talk

DATE: 09/14/22
By Liza Phoenix, Michelle Holstine and Liza & Michelle

Liza and Michelle talk about questionable character decisions, Aegon's dagger, Bloody Ben Blackwood, and more! Don't miss their fourth episode of Decoding Dragons, your go-to outlet for all things House of the Dragon lore. "King of the Narrow Sea" is a huge episode for the characters involved, and your co-hosts are dishing out all the tea. Don't miss their thoughts on what wheel REALLY should've been broken.

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Liza Phoenix
Michelle Holstine

Edited by: Liza Phoenix
Produced & by PJ Haarmsa & Drew Lewis

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HOST: Liza Phoenix, Michelle Holstine
PRODUCER:  Liza & Michelle

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