GRRM Announces Game of Thrones Spinoff’s Move to Animation

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Lizabeth Phoenix
| January 9, 2024
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George R. R. Martin recently announced a Game of Thrones spinoff has moved to animation! He and HBO have been working on additional projects in the A Song of Ice and Fire universe for a while now and have been providing us with updates on their development periodically. While none have been officially greenlit yet, the legendary Sea Snake’s spinoff Nine Voyages has been moved over from live-action to animation, with Martin in full support of the change. 

This move from live-action to animation may give us a chance to see far more of the world we’ve come to love. Budgetary constraints would make sets for globetrotting adventures like Corlys’s considerably expensive. After all, visiting a new port every week demands its fair share of gold. However, working with animation, we could see places like Lys, the Basilisk Isles, Volantis, Qarth, the Jade Gates, Asshai, Yi Ti, and so much more. I, for one, would be very interested in seeing more of the distant lands and wonders beyond Westeros.

As far as an animation style, Martin recently shared his appreciation for the artwork of Blue Eye Samurai. If we can expect to see the Conquest, Nine Voyages, the Baratheon Rebellion, and other events featuring epic–and often fiery–scenes, this art style would be absolutely gorgeous. That said, these spinoffs are moving down the pipeline. Martin reports there are three animated projects underway, and I look forward to experiencing more of the World of Ice and Fire through this new lens. Are you interested in exploring GOT through animation?

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