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| June 25, 2023

Are you looking for your next anime to binge? Maybe you’re tired of watching the same old generic characters, monsters, and factions over and over again. Maybe, you want to watch a show that grabs your attention and doesn’t let it go for over 40 episodes. If you said yes to these questions, then That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is for you.

This unique take on the isekai genre is one of the best series currently running. You won’t be starved for content with two seasons, multiple specials, and a movie. With all this content, you might be hesitant to jump in without some background information. Worry not, dear reader, because we at Couch Soup have got you covered. We’ll give you the rundown of some of the monsters you’ll see in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


Just rolling through the countryside. (Eight Bit/Kadokawa/Fuse)

Slimes are a common monster type in the fantasy genre. They’re commonly considered weak and easy to kill, not much of a challenge. In That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, these slimy monsters are more or less the same as those other versions. Except for the main character Rimuru, slimes are considered the weakest monster type. They don’t even get hungry; they roll around and eat magical energy. They’re considered a delicacy by most of the world’s inhabitants during the warmer times of the year. This could be a joke by the other characters, but those slimes in the sun did look mighty appetizing.

True Dragon

For such a powerful dragon, he sure looks friendly. (Eight Bit/Kadokawa/Fuse)

What’s a fantasy world without a couple of dragons? Not Slime, because this series has a species of monster called true dragons. These giant flying lizards are the strongest beings in the Slime world, almost invincible with god-like power. Just one of these dragons can destroy an entire country if they feel like it. There are currently four true dragons in the anime, with Veldora being one of them. Milim is also the daughter of the original true dragon Veldanava (though not one herself), and she was able to destroy a city without even trying. Just imagine what these massive creatures could do if they ever got bored.


They’re like an alternative band. (Eight Bit/Kadokawa/Fuse)

Ogres are one of the more unique monster species in the Slime world. They’re characterized by their horns and impressive strength. Ogres resemble humans in appearance, except for the horns and face markings. Upon evolving into kijin, their power grows immensely. Kijini resembles humans even more, the only discerning factor being their horns. Kijin are also far more powerful, with some being able to cause destruction on a massive scale. Benimaru and his group are all members of this species, and all you need to do is watch any clip of Benimaru and this group of Kijini in action, and you’ll see the power they possess.


LOOK HOW JACKED THEY ARE. (Eight Bit/Kadokawa/Fuse)

Goblins are the first sentient monsters you’ll meet in Slime. These green monsters are a fantasy genre staple, although probably not like they are in Slime. In this series, Goblins start as defenseless weaklings who experience death daily. However, it’s a whole different story once they evolve into hobgoblins. Once evolved, these once scrawny goblins get absolutely jacked, each having muscles the size of your head. The goblin’s become an integral part of Rimuru’s forces, and they earned that position.


He may look cool, but this guy kinda sucks. (Eight Bit/Kadokawa/Fuse)

These lizard/human hybrids descend from the children of humans and dragons (not true dragons, just regular dragons). They share attributes of both species, with the scales and appearance of a dragon, the ability to think, and the body shape of humans. These scaled friends live in the marshlands and are constantly preparing to defend themselves from any attack. Once evolved, lizardmen become dragonewts. Some dragonewts retain their lizardman appearance with some added wings and strength. Others evolve to look more like humans, with their horns, wings, and tails being hidden and revealed whenever they want.


Those glorious beards. (Eight Bit/Kadokawa/Fuse)

Another fantasy staple, the dwarves in Slime are relatively similar to other fantasy interpretations. These stocky dudes have some of the most majestic beards in the entire series and enough muscles to destroy a building. These dwarves are renowned for their crafting ability to forge almost any weapon or armor piece. They come in various skin tones; some are even the size of full-grown humans. An example of this would be the dwarf king Gazel Dwargo who is an absolute unit of a man. The dwarfs are also undefeated in battle, which helps to deter any other hostile race from attacking them. Nobody wants to get their ass handed to them by the dwarfs.


Get ready for some fighting. (Eight Bit/Kadokawa/Fuse)

As the name suggests, a beastman is a cross between a human and a beast. Most of the beastmen reside in the Beast Kingdom Eurazania, where most if not all, inhabitants are beastmen. Each beastman has characteristics of a different animal and can use the unique abilities of said animal to gain advantages in combat. Some have the power of a tiger, and others have the skills of a snake, any animal you can think of. Beastmen live to fight and will jump at the chance to fight someone stronger than themselves. This may result in a few one-sided beatdowns, but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. There aren’t as many beastmen as other races, but they’re one of the races you don’t want to mess with.


Please let nothing go wrong for them ever again. (Eight Bit/Kadokawa/Fuse)

Ok, so I’m pushing the definition of monster here, but in my defense, the people of the world treat them as such, so it counts. Otherworlders are humans who have been transported to the Slime world from other worlds. Otherworlders are extremely powerful, possessing skills and abilities that are unobtainable by the regular humans of the Slime world. Because of this, otherworlders are commonly used as weapons by the upper class. Otherworlders are also placed under a curse to stop them from running away. The character Shizu is an otherworlder with the power of Ifrit, amongst other things. She was summoned as a child and tortured by the actual monsters of the Slime world.


These guys are dicks, fuck em. (Eight Bit/Kadokawa/Fuse)

Again, I’m stretching the definition of a monster, but once you know what these humans did, you’ll also call them monsters. They summon literal children from other worlds and use them as weapons. They also are willing to attack a peaceful village of monsters because they feel threatened. Not all humans in the Slime world are monsters, but the majority that we’ve seen in the series at this point haven’t left the best impression. Humans are also one of the weaker races in this world, with barely any magical ability and short lifespans compared to the other races. Despite this, they seem to cause the most damage to others in the series (I wonder what that could be a commentary on).

And with that, you now have a general understanding of some of the monsters you’ll meet when you watch That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. There are so many monster species in this series; I couldn’t touch on all of them. That means you’ll have more surprises in store when you check out the entire series on Crunchyroll in both Sub and Dub. And keep it locked to Couch Soup for even more content from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

Have you checked out Slime yet? Do you think you will? What’s your favorite species of monster? Let us know in the comments where we can all agree that humans are the real monsters in any story.

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