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Doctor Who in 2023 is a Breath of Life We Really Needed

Being A Doctor Who fan for years, Ben just couldn't stay away from the new Doctor Who show, hoping it returns to its prime. Ben goes over his experience watching The Star Beast.
by Ben HazellNovember 29, 2023
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The Boogeyman & The Idol Trailer Reaction & Discussion – TRAILER TALK

The Boogeyman is the latest horror film adaptation from the mind of Stephen King, and it’s bringing all the jump scares. Also, let’s indulge in HBO Max’s (or just Max now ugh) new sex, drugs, and rock and roll series The Idol. Watch – react – discuss. This is Trailer Talk. Support the channel: We […]

State of Play Trailers Stray & The Callisto Protocol Reaction & Breakdown | TRAILER TALK

It’s been a while since we’ve done a video game trailer on the show so why not react to two from the recent PlayStation State of Play. First, let’s watch and discuss Stray by BlueTwelve Studio, where you play as a stray cat. After littering the streets with cat poop, let’s watch The Callisto Protocol […]
by Drew LewisJune 8, 2022 
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