Resident Evil 4 Remake Hype ft. Baron Jones of LV1 Gaming | Screen Smash

On this episode, we are joined by Baron Jones from LV1 Gaming to discuss Resident Evil. Resident Evil 4 Remake will be upon us soon and we are very excited about this ground-up reimagining of one of the best horror action games ever made. We discuss the upcoming remake, how it started, and how the series has changed and evolved over the years. We get to know Baron, who tells us about LV1 Gaming and what they do over there.

Welcome to Screen Smash! The show where we take a look around the gaming world and give our unfiltered, unapologetic voices from real gamers on the topics that matter to us.

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Dan Morris
Maria Kinnun
Luis Reza
Baron Jones – Special guest

Edited by Dan Morris
Produced by Stephanie Judge
Executive Produced by PJ Haarmsa & Drew Lewis

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