Rage Against the Machine!? | Ep8 | Craic’d with Pagan Plays 🍀

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Night City Wire Dives Into the Phantom Liberty DLC

Night City Wire is back, and it’s all about Phantom Liberty this time. Join Thomas Richards as he breaks down all the important information from this special event.
by Thomas RichardsSeptember 26, 2023
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The Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer Reactions & Breakdown | TRAILER TALK

The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer is dropping at Nintendo Direct, and minutes after its release, we are going to give our first reactions. The teaser got us interested, but that Chris Pratt VO has us confused. Will this new trailer sway us to love or hate this highly anticipated animated feature from Nintendo? Will […]
by Drew LewisDecember 1, 2022 

Secret Invasion & Blue Beetle Trailer Reaction & Discussion – TRAILER TALK

Samuel L Jackson is back as Nick Fury and leading Marvel’s Secret Invasion series on Disney+ that’s bringing the dark thriller spy vibes. Then we get a first look at DC’s lighthearted Blue Beetle, which is about a blue beetle that gives its wearer superpowers. Let’s watch – react – discuss. This is Trailer Talk. […]
by Drew LewisApril 4, 2023 
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