Is the Boomer Shooter Postal: Brain Damaged Insanely Good? or Brain-Numbingly Bad?

Postal: Brain Damaged is the newest, single-player, first-person shooter from Hyperstrange is here and is the 5th game in the Postal series! Although not considered a direct sequel to Postal 4, Postal: Brain Damaged continues the themes and story of the main protagonist, Postal Dude, and his wacky and inappropriate adventures. Let’s get into it!

Warning!! Before we go any further… if you’re a little sensitive to language and impure things, move along. This game gets raunchy REAL fast, and this review won't be sugar-coating any of it. 

Postal: Brain Damaged is absolutely going to be a game to disappoint your parents. 

Read the full review here.

Postal: Brain-Damaged is available for PC, and you can grab it on Steam right now. Get your mayhem on today!! 

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