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IS Xbox Teasing The Return of Fable? All Signs Point to YES

Xbox recently released a short clip teasing the return of a popular gaming franchise, Fable. Is it real, or are we getting played? Join Jake Brown as he discusses the possibility of an announcement at the Xbox Showcase.
by Jake BrownJune 2, 2023
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End of Days | Ep10 | Craic’d with Pagan Plays 🍀

This week we encounter a few familiar faces… some welcome, some not so feckin welcome! Join Pagan through more panics and terror as she tries to find a way to get off this damned ship! Disclaimer: This was recorded live on Couch Soup’s Twitch Channel! If you’d like to join Pagan while she plays this […]
by Drew LewisOctober 12, 2022 

Did Pagan just Rage Quit?! | EP 7 | Dead Space Remake | Craic’d with Pagan Plays

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by Drew LewisMarch 16, 2023 
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