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The Return of Kenobi Review – Part V

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Candace Bissonette
| August 5, 2022
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Anakin Skywalker, dressed in the robes of the Jedi, contemplates the never-ending cityscape of Coruscant, the center of the galaxy. He is waiting for his Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, to meet him for a training duel. “Are you ready?” asks Obi-Wan. “Are you?” counters Anakin with his trademark smirk, igniting his lightsaber. Obi-Wan ignites his lightsaber in response, “Then let’s begin.” Master and apprentice face off and start circling one another. The nostalgia is strong with this scene for the Prequel fans.

Moving forward to our current timeline, Darth Vader stares out at the black expanse of space on the bridge of his Star Destroyer. The Skywalkers sure do like looking off into the distance dramatically. I guess it’s a family trait? Reva, the Third Sister, was invited aboard the Dark Lord’s ship for an in-person meeting to discuss Obi-Wan’s whereabouts. Vader gets straight to business. The tracker in Little Leia’s droid, Lola, worked. They know Obi-Wan has arrived on Jabiim. “You have done well. Kneel.” Vader commands. Reva looks a bit concerned because Vader may decide to kill her to take full credit for the capture of Obi-Wan, but he delivers on his promise to her and grants her the title of Grand Inquisitor. They set a course for Jabiim. 

Following their dramatic escape from Fortress Inquistorius, Obi-Wan & Little Leia, along with their new allies, land on Jabiim. “We got her,” Roken announces to a small crowd awaiting their arrival. The rescue of the Princess was a success. 

There are some familiar faces in the crowd. Tala greets NED-B, the loader droid from Mapuso, and Obi-Wan recognizes Haja Estree from Daiyu. “What are you doing here?” Obi-Wan inquires. Haja explains he confronted the “scary lady Inquisitor” and now he’s wanted by the Empire. “But now, I know what it feels like being a real Jedi. It’s not easy,” his good humor turning serious almost immediately. He sees his new predicament as a good business opportunity. At least the wannabe Jedi has a positive outlook during a dire situation. 

Obi-Wan sends Leia over to Tala, who is talking with two fugitives, the mother and the son, who escaped from Daiyu with Haja’s help. Here’s something interesting for hardcore Star Wars fans. The child’s name is credited as Corran. The mother’s name is credited as Nyche. In Part III of this series, when Obi-Wan and Leia are stowed away in one of ‘The Path’s’ safehouses on Mapuso, there is a name carved in Aurebesh (the Star Wars alphabet) on the safehouse’s wall: Valin Halcyon. Valin and Nyche are father and mother to Corran Horn, who is from Corellia, in Star Wars Legends. We’re still waiting on confirmation of the last name, but the coincidences are too many to not be directly referencing this character. 

Caption: During Haja’s ‘mind trick’ he says, “They are to be given safe passage to Corellia.” 

This is very exciting if our current canon storyline is setting up and breathing life into a very important character from Legends. I wonder if this Corran will also become peers with Luke Skywalker, training at Luke’s Jedi Temple? He’s about the same age as Luke and Leia and is currently hiding along the way of ‘The Path’ because he is Force sensitive. I would love a series based on Corran if they pull heavily from the inspiration from his Legend’s story. 

Obi-Wan speaks with Roken about getting Leia back to Alderaan. Roken wants to get the people who traversed ‘The Path’ and have made it to Jabiim off planet to keep them safe from the Empire. Roken explains they’re facing a time crunch because they used an old trade route for ‘The Path’ but delayed their next move to rescue Leia. They only have a few hours before the Empire catches up to them. They agree to do whatever they can to help each other. 

Vader stares into the swirling alternate dimension of hyperspace. “My Lord, we’re approaching Jabiim,” Reva, the Grand Inquisitor, alerts Vader to their status. “Lock down the facility,” he commands. Reva reasons they could hold out for days against an Imperial siege. “If we cannot break them…” she trails off. “It’s not them we need to break,” Vader reminds her. 

On Jabiim, the droid Lola, or should I say evil Lola, leaves the bag she was stored in and makes her way to the wiring shafts. Reva placed a tracker on the beloved droid when Leia was in the Inquisitor’s custody, and now the droid has gone rogue. Her once blue optical sensor, now menacingly red, shines on the many cables within the shaft. This place needs some serious cable management. 

Obi-Wan finds a wall within the hanger with writing from those who have passed through ‘The Way’ to safety. The wall with writing features many names of Jedi who were featured in Star Wars Legends, once known as the Expanded Universe, such as Corwin Shelvay, Tiberius, Ekria and Roganda Ismaren. It’s exciting to see these characters verified as canon, even if their story gets slightly reimagined to fit our current timeline of events.

“The light will fade but is never forgotten,” Obi-Wan reads one of the carvings out loud. He looks over to a bin that contains eight lightsabers. These are most likely from Jedi who did not survive Order 66 or were slain trying to flee the Empire. The bin next to it holds some traditional Jedi robes. Relics from a past life. 

The hangar bay doors close over the ship as the survivors look on. “What’s happening?” Obi-Wan worriedly asks. “The controls aren’t responding,” explains Sully. “An Imperial Destroyer just arrived in orbit above us,” Roken adds. “She must have tracked us,” Tala reasons. “It’s not her. It’s Vader,” Obi-Wan confirms dreadfully, “He’ll attack next. He hasn’t the patience for a siege.” Obi-Wan knows his old apprentice well.

Flashback to Obi-Wan and Anakin on Coruscant, training, dueling. Anakin drives the offensive. “You grow too aggressive, Anakin. Be mindful,” Obi-Wan reminds him with a stern edge in his voice, “A Jedi’s goal is to defend life, not to take it.” As always, Anakin doesn’t listen to advice. He aggressively attacks again. Obi-Wan steps past him, and they brace back to back, pushing against each other. “Mercy doesn’t defeat an enemy, Master,” Anakin reasons, “Which is why you’re going to lose.” He turns around and presses the attack. Anakin, ma bukee (my boy, in Huttese), this is why they didn’t grant you the title of Jedi Master. You don’t listen. 

“Launch the attack,” Vader commands as they reach Jabiim. Obi-Wan can sense the fear in the hangar as their escape has been cut off, and the odds of survival have greatly diminished. He gets everyone’s attention, “Everyone. I understand you’re scared. The Empire will attack soon. They’re stronger than us, better equipped, better trained. If we try and fight them, we will not survive. But we do not need to fight them. We just need to hold them off long enough to get you all out.” There’s the old Clone Wars General. 

This tactic of holding them off to ensure the safety of the survivors reminds me of Leia staying until the last minute during the Battle of Hoth in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. She did whatever she could to make sure her people had an opening to escape the Empire. She was taking notes at a young age. 

“Roken, how much time do you need to override the doors?” Obi-Wan asks. “Three, four hours,” Roken replies. “You have one,” Obi-Wan realistically adjusts the time frame. “Block every other remote access. Everyone else, we’re going to lock down every other entrance in this facility. If we defend our position together, then by the time they get inside, we’ll be gone.” The plan has been set. Everyone breaks into action. 

Two Imperial troop transports make their way to Jabiim’s surface while the people of ‘The Path’ quickly scramble to fortify all entrances into the hangar bay. The platoon of stormtroopers disembark their transports and hurriedly take up formation outside one of the major blast doors outside the hangar while a handful of them assemble a heavy artillery blaster gun. Reva makes a grand entrance.

“Fire!” The Imps try to blast through the fortified hangar door. “Light ‘em up!” Reva screams again as she starts pacing in impatience. Hey Reva, you know what works really well on heavy blast doors? A Lightsaber. I couldn’t help but think about Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon using their lightsabers on the heavily fortified door to the bridge on the Trade Federation ship in Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Sully reports the Imperials are trying to blast through the outside door. “Roken, we need the hangar roof open,” Tala reminds him. Roken is working as hard as he can to get the doors open, but nothing is working. He tries something else, and it fails. “That was underwhelming. Did you try going in the vents to see what’s going on?” Haja offers. Roken says he’s too big to be crawling around in vents but says Haja can try it if he’d like. “I’m going to need a ladder,” Leia commands, head held high, shoulders back with all the confidence in the galaxy. This little lady is on a mission. “It’s not playtime right now, Princess,” Roken dismisses her. 

“Do as she asks,” Obi-Wan commands. Roken gives Obi-Wan an incredulous look. “Do you trust me? I trust her. Get her the ladder,” he says with an edge to his voice. They call for a ladder. “Leia,” Obi-Wan calls to her, “Be careful.” She nods at him, thankful for his support and belief in her. 

“Haja, will you keep your eye on her?” Obi-Wan asks. “I am not a babysitter, Ben,” he says with a look on his face like he has no idea what he is doing with kids. Obi-Wan’s holoprojector starts beeping at him, “I have to go,” Obi-Wan is not taking no for an answer. 

Leia climbs the ladder and crawls into the vent. She immediately gets to work sorting through all the wires. Those vents are in serious need of an organized cable control overhaul. As Leia goes to work, Obi-Wan finds a quiet corner near the bacta tank to listen to the message he just received. It’s Bail Organa, “I know we said no communication, but your silence worries me. If he’s found you, if he’s learned of the children… If I don’t hear from you soon, I’ll head to Tatooine. Owen will need help with the boy. I pray you’re safe, Obi-Wan. Both of you.”

Would you like a perfect example of what NOT to do when you’re trying to be covert and keep your business on the down low from the big evil Empire that’s hunting your daughter? All of that. Whatever that was. Let’s break down the absurdity of this transmission:

  1. “I know we said no communication….” This is a communication. You should stop. Now. 
  2. “If he’s found you, if he’s learned of the children.” Worst case scenario Obi-Wan got captured with your daughter by the Empire, and you just implied there is a secret about your daughter. There is also another mystery child somewhere else out there. Are they Force sensitive? Because being Force sensitive is enough to sign a death warrant in the age of the Empire. 
  3. “If I don’t hear from you soon, I’ll head to Tatooine” So… There are secrets on Tatooine that could potentially be of interest to those hunting your daughter and Obi-Wan. Cool. Thanks for naming the planet. 
  4. “Owen will need help with the boy.” Tatooine isn’t that big, and there can’t be a lot of Owens. It would be really easy for the Empire to round them up and, by process of elimination, find out which Owen has a boy he’s looking after. 
  5. “I pray you’re safe, Obi-Wan. Both of you.” Just in case the Empire needs further confirmation, Bail is indeed trying to contact Obi-Wan with all this incriminating information. 

The Rebellion certainly came a long way in its covert operations within the next ten years. If this is how things are currently getting done, and these are the kinds of transmissions being sent, then the whole operation would incriminate themselves and be captured by the Empire well before they ever got the chance to destroy the Death Star. Bail Organa is not this stupid. I’m going to chalk this one up to bad writing. Very bad writing. 

Obi-Wan strokes his beard as he contemplates the transmission he just received from Bail. “Is everything all right?” Tala approaches him. “It will be,” he tries to smile, but he looks apprehensive. There’s a long silence between them. 

“You know, I was following orders on Garel. The Empire said it was a roundup. People not paying their way, taxes for the cause. They lied. There were four families, all Force-sensitive, and we, gathered them up. I didn’t know who they were. I didn’t know what the Inquisitors would do. Fourteen people died, and six of them were children, and I couldn’t do anything to help them,” Tala confesses. “So now, I do this,” Tala shows that within her blaster holster, she has a number of notches, “One for everyone I get through.” Tala is keeping track of everyone she helps escape the Empire. “You’re right, Ben. Some things you can’t forget. But you can fight to make them better,” Tala offers hope to help change the future. 

“We’re in trouble!” Roken interrupts. They follow him to see what the disturbance is. “I don’t know how long it’s going to hold,” Roken wonders about a Plan B. Obi-Wan knows he needs to buy time, “Tell the Inquisitor I want to talk. She started this when she kidnapped Leia.” Obi-Wan is trying to piece together a plan to slow down the Empire. Reva receives the request for negotiations. 

Reva and Obi-Wan approach the blast door on opposite sides, each backed by the respective parties. Obi-Wan places his hand on the door and deeply concentrates on the Force. “If this is you stalling for time, it won’t work,” Reva interrupts, “Lord Vader will have you at any cost.” 

“You mean, Anakin,” Obi-Wan corrects. “You knew who Vader was. Back on Daiyu, how did you know that? Vader would have kept that hidden, and you’re too young to have known him. Unless…” The realization hits Obi-Wan, “Unless you were there.” “It doesn’t matter where I was,” counters Reva. 

“The night of Order 66, you were a youngling. That’s how you knew. You saw him. Anakin killed the others. He killed the other younglings, but somehow,” Obi-Wan puts the pieces together. As Obi-Wan is solving the mystery of Reva’s origin story, she keeps telling him to stop, “Enough!” 

She has a flashback of that night at the Jedi Temple during Order 66. She was there. She saw Anakin. She saw him cut down the other younglings. I thought the incident of Anakin killing the younglings may have just been reserved for the one training group he stumbled across as he besieged the Temple with the 501st Legion that we saw in Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith. With Reva’s backstory shedding more light on that dark night, it seems Anakin wasn’t making any exceptions, and that wasn’t the only group of younglings he encountered that night. With all that Obi-Wan watched Anakin do during Order 66 at the Jedi Temple on the Temple’s recordings, I now question how he could have left him alive on Mustafar.

“We thought he was there to help us,” Reva quietly explains, “I tried to help them, but I couldn’t. I was too weak. When he left, I played dead. Hid with the bodies. Felt them go cold.” Obi-Wan winces as she explains in depth what she endured. “They were the only family I knew, and he slaughtered them.” 

“You’re not serving him, are you?” the certain realization dawns on Obi-Wan, “You’re hunting him. Let me help you.” Reva wonders why she would ever trust Obi-Wan. “Because we want the same thing,” he says. “Do we?” Reva asks, “Do you really want Anakin dead?” Obi-Wan is again faced with the impossible decision. Anakin was able to cross the forbidden lines and betray everyone that loved him, but Obi-Wan seems still reluctant to follow that same path and destroy his old friend. Padme’s dying words most likely still ring in his mind, “There’s good in him.” 

“Where were you while he was killing my friends?” Reva asks. Obi-Wan had just defeated General Grievous on Utapau and was riding a boga, which is a giant lizard when Order 66 was executed. When the clones shot at him, he fell down a big hole. Sorry Reva, Master Kenobi, was trying to save the galaxy elsewhere.

“He was your Padawan,” Reva accuses, “Why didn’t you stop him? Why didn’t you save us?” Obi-Wan doesn’t answer her. He already felt like he had failed Anakin and everyone Anakin turned on. “I don’t need your help. I don’t need anyone,” she claims. “You won’t stop him alone,” Obi-Wan corrects. “You have no idea what I’ve done alone,” Reva ignites her red lightsaber and plunges it into the heavy blast door missing Obi-Wan. She cuts through the barricade and is able to use the Force to slide open the door. 

She swings her lightsaber at Obi-Wan, but he Force pushes her far back into the platoon of stormtroopers. Obi-Wan calls for the members of ‘The Path’ to fall back as he ignites his lightsaber to defend them. Reva leads her squads into the breach, and the members of ‘The Path’ stand their ground as the Empire progresses on their position.

The technique of shaky cam returns to build tension for the audience. Did I mention I loathe this filming technique in Star Wars? Well, I do. It takes the focus off the characters and attempts to make the audience feel unstable and uncertain. With this much action and this many subjects in frame, it’s extremely disorienting and detracts from the story. 

A wicked firefight ensues. The Empire closes the distance, and the ranks become entangled in close combat. Obi-Wan remains front and center. A lightsaber makes quick work of many stormtroopers in close combat. The Empire presses the attack, and ‘The Path’ retreats down one of the tunnels leading closer to the hangar. 

In the hangar, Haja can hear blaster fire getting closer, “Leia, we got to hurry. Are you listening to me? I feel like you’re not listening to me.” Leia is concentrating and trying to find a red breaker. The members of ‘The Path’ continue to retreat down the tunnel. Nyche, Corran’s mother, gets hit with a blaster bolt. Obi-Wan picks her up and helps her finish her retreat. It’s unclear what her status is after this battle. The fighting is intense, and everyone is trying to help each other get to safety. 

NED-B and Tala are last in line for the retreat, doing all they can to buy more time. Tala takes a blaster bolt to the stomach and goes down. NED-B takes some nasty hits. The Empire continues to advance past the downed fighters. Obi-Wan is unable to get to Tala to help her because of the constant barrage of stormtroopers in his way. NED-B shields Tala as much as possible but continues to take significant damage before he completely powers down. 

Tala realizes the situation is dire. She holds up a thermal detonator. She looks back at Obi-Wan, takes aim at the next blast door, and shoots the panel, ensuring its closure. “May the Force be with you,” she says as she ignites the thermal detonator. The explosion allows the final retreat to the hangar and buys more time for the survivors. 

Obi-Wan is stunned by the sudden loss of such a strong, brave woman. He reels for a moment, trying to process her death. I really liked Tala. I really liked NED-B too. I was very disappointed in these sacrifices. We get two cool new characters, and guess what? They’re dead. Thanks, writers. Haja and Roken silently contemplate the loss. “Please tell me we’re close,” Roken says. Haja checks in with Leia on her progress. “Working on it,” she calls down from the vents. 

Darth Vader receives a report that the Grand Inquisitor has breached the walls. “Tell her to stand down,” Vader commands, “Kenobi is already ours.” Flashback to the tell-tale lightsaber training duel many years ago between the Master and Apprentice. Anakin aggressively presses his attack on Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan gives ground but is just as quick with his defensive technique. “There’s no way out, Master,” Anakin takes multiple overhead swings beating Obi-Wan down, “Admit you are beaten.” 

“What is it? What’s wrong?” Roken asks, interrupting the memory. “It’s over. I’m going back,” Obi-Wan says. “You can’t quit,” Roken says with a tremble in his voice, trying to stop Obi-Wan. “I fought for too long. You can’t just throw that away. It won’t make a difference. They want us all,” he solidly reasons. “Vader wants me,” Obi-Wan knows he is the prize. “If you surrender, she died for nothing,” Roken, still reeling from Tala’s loss, “He’ll keep coming.” “That’s why I have to stop him,” Obi-Wan says. 

“He expects me to surrender. He knows I’ll do everything I can to protect these people,” he explains. “You’ll be on your own,” Haja interjects. “No,” Obi-Wan hands Haja his lightsaber, blaster, and comlink, “Haja, look out for her, will you?” Roken asks how he’s going to fight without his weapon. “There are other ways to fight,” Obi-Wan cryptically says. 

Obi-Wan leaves the temporary safe haven of the hanger and surrenders to the Empire with his hands held up. The stormtroopers seize him and lead him to Reva, the Grand Inquisitor, “Inform Lord Vader Kenobi is ours. He’s on his way. You’re going to die soon.” “You’re not bringing him to me. I’m bringing him to you,” he cryptically lets her know in a grave tone he is giving her the chance to enact her revenge on Vader when Vader is distracted with his new prisoner, his old Master, Obi-Wan. 

“This isn’t over yet,” Obi-Wan continues, “There are families back there. Children. Are you going to let him do that again, what he did to you?” Reva doesn’t reply yet. The weight of his words sink in. This may be their only shot, “We can end this together.” “What makes you think he won’t see it coming?” She gauges how intuitive Vader is. “Because all he’ll see is me,” Obi-Wan whispers. He knows his former apprentice was never good at seeing the whole picture, just what was right in front of him. Reva signals for the stormtroopers to take Obi-Wan back inside the first set of blast doors to hold him there.

Reva has been overly intuitive this entire series, driving the plot in the most convenient ways. It’s odd that now when it really matters, she can’t tell if Obi-Wan is telling the truth. She can’t pick up on the nuances of the former Master and Apprentice relationship. She is conveniently underpowered.

Master and Apprentice lock lightsaber blades in an increasingly tense training session in days past. Obi-Wan side steps Anakin, but Anakin is still relentless in his aggression, pressing further and faster and doing what he can to take his Master by surprise. There are lots of twirling lightsabers in this battle. Anakin takes a swipe at Obi-Wan’s legs. Obi-Wan barely avoids the swipe. 

Anakin pins Obi-Wan and knocks his lightsaber from his hand, “There. Your weapon’s gone. It’s over,” Anakin smiles triumphantly. “Your need for victory, Anakin, it blinds you,” Obi-Wan bestows the lesson for this training session. 

“Where is he?” Vader asks Reva, making his commanding entrance. She explains he’s secured inside. “I will bring him in myself,” Vader states. Obi-Wan disposes of the two stormtroopers who had him in custody. 

Evil Lola aggressively attacks Leia. “Lola, stop! Stop!” Leia struggles with the little droid and notices the droid has a restraining bolt under one of its wings. As soon as she removes the bolt, Lola returns to her normal self with the blue optical sensor. Vader enters the blast doors, and Obi-Wan is not there. Vader continues down a hallway in search of his prey. Leia finds the red breaker and returns it to its correct place. The large hangar bay doors open and send the survivors into motion. Escape is close. 

Obi-Wan makes it back to the hangar. Roken greets him, “Everything is all set.” Obi-Wan runs over to Leia as she descends the ladder. They happily hug. “Well done,” Obi-Wan commends. “Where’s Tala?” Leia asks. Obi-Wan shakes his head. “Help who you can. Let’s get to the transport, people,” Roken calls out, rallying the people. The hangar is alive with hurried movement as everyone rushes to the transport. In the rush, Haja drops Obi-Wan’s comlink. Obi-Wan takes Leia’s hand and leads her to safety. 

Alone, Vader angrily marches down the tunnel toward the hangar. Just as the transport lifts off, Vader reaches out a hand, and Force holds the entire shuttle preventing it from escaping. The shuttle strains against his hold, but to no avail. The engine spits and sputters, finally failing. Vader drops the ship back in its former resting place. He immediately starts brutally Force ripping apart large sections from the side of the shuttle. Impressive. Once Vader thinks he is victorious, he realizes the transport is completely empty. Another transport just behind the wrecked ship zooms out of the hangar and away to safety. He watches it go. 

Vader preventing the transport from leaving reminds me of Starkiller bringing down a Star Destroyer by use of the Force in the videogame The Force Unleashed

The training duel flashback sheds some light on how Obi-Wan outmaneuvered Anakin. Even though Anakin had knocked Obi-Wan’s lightsaber from his hand, rendering the Jedi Master weaponless, he still chooses to fight, seemingly unarmed. Obi-Wan avoids the lightsaber and lands a well-placed elbow, spinning around Anakin in an unanticipated move. Anakin, stunned, loosens the grip on his own weapon. Obi-Wan Force pulls the lightsaber from his Apprentice’s hand, “You’re a great warrior, Anakin, but your need to prove yourself is your undoing. Until you overcome it, a Padawan you will still be.” Obi-Wan hands Anakin back his lightsaber with a friendly smile. 

Vader stands in silent rage. Reva slowly approaches Vader’s back, ignites her lightsaber, and takes a swing at Vader. She took a long time approaching Vader, slowly creeping up on him and choosing to attack after he was no longer focused on his prey. She missed her window of opportunity. 

Without looking, he stops her lightsaber with the Force and slowly turns to face her, “He was wise to use you against me.” Reva screams in rage. Reva attempts to attack Vader over and over. It looks like Anakin learned some things from his old Master, after all. Without the use of his lightsaber, Vader sidesteps her attacks and uses the Force to stop or divert her attacks. This is a great display of his power. 

Vader Force pushes her back and starts slowly walking toward her. She uses the circular rotation of her Inquisitor lightsaber blades to try to stop him. He uses the Force to slow and then stop the spinning blades of death. With the Force, he pulls the lightsaber from her hand. He converts the double-sided blade into two separate sabers. He throws her one of them. Even with this betrayal, Darth Vader wants a duel. Vader proves to be the superior warrior. Claiming both blades again, he approaches her for her final judgment. 

As Vader approaches, Reva has flashbacks of Anakin approaching during Order 66 at the Jedi Temple. She remembers being in his sights then and now has to face him again. She knows the true face behind the mask. He pierced her through the torso all those years ago and repeats the same attack.

“Did you really believe I did not see it, youngling? You are of no further use,” Vader says as Reva lies on the ground in defeat. “Hello, Third Sister. Revenge does wonders for the will to live, don’t you think?” Reva’s predecessor approaches. His survival was expected since he is a recurring character in the animated series Rebels. “Your rage was useful. Now it is tiresome,” he says as he reclaims the Grand Inquisitor insignia. He takes his place next to Lord Vader, “Goodbye… Grand Inquisitor.” They turn and leave together. 

Darth Vader left her alive. Again. Are we conveniently not killing off characters now so they will reappear in some other storyline arc? What is this sudden mercy? There is no mercy among the Sith. Earlier in the series, we watched Vader terrify and kill simple civilians with the Force to get a rise out of Obi-Wan. Now he’s leaving someone who has been plotting against him for years alive? Someone who knows his real identity? He’s just going to let her walk away with one of the biggest secrets in the galaxy? Really…? Anakin Skywalker is the poster child of revenge stories. Leaving loose ends is something he wouldn’t do, especially with his secret at stake. I’m not sure who approved this decision for the storyline, but I’m not buying it in view of the Star Wars galaxy at large. 

The members of ‘The Path’ have made their escape. For now. Roken sits down next to Obi-Wan, “Our hyperdrive is down, and they’re behind us.” Both share a knowing look. This isn’t over yet. As Reva lies in the dirt in pain on Jabiim, she reaches for her lightsaber. They left her with her lightsaber… Don’t the Inquisitors collect those as trophies? Is there a secret part of the story I missed somewhere along the way? Or are main characters making bad decisions on purpose, so there is more to build on later in the story? 

Reva notices something glinting in the dirt not far from where she lay: Obi-Wan’s holoprojector. “Kenobi, are you listening to me?” Roken asks. Obi-Wan has a serious far away look on his face, “Something’s wrong.” Reva activates Bail Organa’s message to Obi-Wan. Remember that super duper incriminating message with all the details regarding the ‘children,’ ‘the boy,’ Owen and Tatooine? The message that was the perfect example of what not to do for covert operations? Well, Reva finds it. I’m going to need C-3PO to tell me the odds on this one. 

“What is it? Are you okay?” Roken asks. Obi-Wan looks at Leia, checking on her. She looks back as if to say, “I’m okay.” “I’m sure it’s nothing. Thank you, Roken,” he finally says. Obi-Wan gets lost in thought again. He feels that something is wrong, but he can’t narrow down exactly what.

Darth Vader was close in his pursuit of the survivors. Leia was not far from her biological father. Maybe Obi-Wan worried Vader had picked up on something? That’s why he checked with Leia. It seems during this adventure that Obi-Wan and Leia have developed a deeper sense of communication, checking on one another through the Force. Obi-Wan could also be worried about Luke, essentially alone on Tatooine, with only his untrained Uncle and Aunt to protect him. The sense of uncertainty has returned to Obi-Wan. Will he discover what the Force is trying to tell him before something bad happens? 

We’ll have to wait and see for the final part of Kenobi. Let me know what your favorite or least favorite parts were in the comments. 

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Trek to Yomi lets you be a badass samurai while tackling tricky challenges to get your PlayStation Platinum Trophy. Iain shares what you need to know for going platinum!
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